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Titans (2018-?) 1x01&1x02+SeaQuest DSV 2x03+The X Files 11x07+Babylon 5 2x16+ 2 others

Dick Grayson is a cop in Detroit. He still uses the name Robin and the costume and isn’t Nightwing. Raven is kept locked in her room. Dick’s precinct looks high-tech for a bankrupt city. Robin makes a superhero entrance on some hilariously unimpressed gangsters who wonder where Batman is. Robin (and his stunt double) gets VIOLENT. Then after a hard night of vigilante activity, he cleans his gear - shirtless.

The Detroit PD doesn’t connect Detective Grayson (from Gotham) to Robin (from Gotham). It’s been a year since Robin was seen in Gotham. What happened between Robin and Batman? Starfire dresses like a stripper and one can see evidence that this show was extensively reshot. The mayor calls Robin a violent sociopath. Starfire acts weird.

Dick Grayson feared he was becoming too much like Batman. Raven and her blue hair kills someone. Dick has a very fancy car. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Gotham? Jesus!”

Hawk And Dove
There is swearing and the heroic duo (and their silly outfits) show up. Hawk has a bad hip and Dove wears a Superman t-shirt. There are flashbacks to 4 years ago that show a happy Robin (who SMILED) hung out with Hawk and Dove. Who’s the 4th person in the Hawk, Dove, Robin photo? Dick speaks to Alfred on the phone. Raven watches ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Raven is an annoying idiot. Where are Starfire and Beast Boy? A family of assassins lurk. Dick and Dove boffed. Hank aka Hawk is a tool. Dick’s cop partner is bothered. Robin stabs a guy in the junk and another in the eye. The R symbol on Robin’s costume comes off and doubles as a throwing star. Dove is disturbed by Dick’s violence and Hawk calls him a psychopath. Raven calls Dick a liar - oh get lost bint. Dawn is hurled off a roof and Raven is carried off by baddies. This was okayish.

Best Lines:
“Likes to make a dramatic entrance.”

“A night out with the bad kids?”

“Skinbag of blood.”

The Fear That Follows
The UEO are now combative, dangerously violent lunatics. There is bad VFX and people with guns storm the ship and point said guns at Darwin. Bridger has a beard. Half the cast has been replaced. Who is Edward Kerr? The new opening credits are terrible. The DeLuise brothers are in the cast. Groan. All creative force is gone.

This was awful. The UEO arrests Darwin, who is a DOLPHIN! There is no underlying rationale for anything that happens in this ep. The aliens from season 1 return. Sense is aggressively refuted. People say Lucas is brainwashed. The aliens show up, speaking English. The UEO is craven and paranoid. Aliens walk on treadmills. The aliens have no consistent set of objectives.

There are alien abductions. Magical Native Americans show up. Characters have an inability to react coherently. There is no deepening tension. This ep was particularly horrible. Lucas is unperturbed by his alien abduction. He also doesn’t go with the aliens; instead he continues his unacknowledged servitude on the SeaQuest.

Best Lines:
“I tried the internet.”

“I want my dolphin back!”

Where’s Scully’s dog? An AI targets Mulder and Scully because Mulder didn’t tip. Since when did Mulder and Scully trust their safety to tech? This ep was not desired. Scully’s personal massager is seen as a joke. Technology is openly disloyal. Why aren’t they looking for William? Mulder trims his nose hair with a huge pair of scissors. There is talk about an online rage cycle. This causes no terrible sense of dread.

Best Lines:
“Poor! Awful! Terrible! Never again!”

“Sushi bots.”

In The Shadow Of Z’Ha’Dum
Vir tells Morden he wants him dead (which would come true). Sheridan holds Morden without cause and interrogates him in order to find out about the fate of the Icarus and his wife Anna. The Icarus was a science ship that went too far. There is a B5 novel about the Icarus, Anna and Morden. The Nightwatch wear armbands which raises no alarms. There is bad acting.

Nowadays TPTB would big up the ‘hero’ holding someone without charge like they do on ‘Agents Of Shield’ and ‘The Flash’. Why is Nightwatch trying to recruit Talia? Sheridan is an ass. Garibaldi quits. Where is the ACLU or the JAG? Sheridan lies and bullies and forces Talia to scan Morden. Delenn is melodramatic. Delenn lies. Kosh and Delenn finally tell Sheridan about the Shadows. But Delenn lies about Anna being dead.

Sheridan tells a historically inaccurate story about Enigma, Coventry and Churchill. This ep was unnecessary and ineffective. Sheridan sees Shadows and can’t make measured decisions. This was not consequential.

Best Lines:
“How is your war going?”

“Dying cold and alone on the docking bay floor.”

“Shadows come again.”

“Woke something up.”

“Morden is never alone.”

Sliders (1995-2000) 1x03

Quinn waves his remote and the dimension travelling gang of tools end up on a plague ravaged world. The CHC is discussed. Quinn was Patient Zero in this world. Jerry O’Connell, Sabrina Lloyd and John Rhys-Davies star. Wade (Lloyd) is thick. There is a church of the divine immunity. Why does money from one parallel world work on another?

The disease is called the Q. The Q makes people orange. If the Q is so deadly than why is patient zero still alive? The plague ravaged the world because penicillin was never discovered. O’Connell overacts. Davis makes penicillin from mouldy food out of a bin. Allison Hossack and Dean Haglund guest star.

People scowl menacingly. There is no emotional expression. The Quinn/Wade ship went nowhere. Quinn and co have come to accept inhabiting realities parallel to their own and being the self-appointed moralists in each one.

Best Lines:
“I don’t think I’m liking this world.”

“Alternative pharmacy.”

“Fascist tool of immuno-oppression.”

“Hygiene wrapped.”

“About to go red eye.”

“Where’s your dignity?”

“Mould juice.”

“Did you tell her about the cannibals?”

War Of The Worlds 1x18

The Last Supper
A female solider has a MASSIVE perm. Colm Feore guest stars. Harrison holds a meeting about the alien menace. This show looks very brown. Peru, Sri Lanka, the USSR and New Zealand are represented. This ep is a clipshow. Ironhorse is hot. Aliens are diabolical bastards. An alien goes out a window. How did the alien get a gun? This was worthless.

Best Lines:
“Outdated cold war posturing.”

“Aliens walk the Earth again.”

“Aliens walked our land.”
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