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The Final Destination 3D (2009) Review

Well that was a waste of time and money. The first two 'Final Destination' films were very good, the third was weak and the fourth had no business existing in the first place. The black comedy elements are gone and in its place is sadism, product placement and ungrateful whining voiced characters.

A group of people survive a car rally accident (nothing will ever equal the horrific road crash in 'Final Destination 2') and then Death comes after them. These people aren't characters they are cardboard cut-outs, some of which are never even named. They're also extremely stupid; how does nobody notice the burning can of hairspray? Who goes into a car wash with a broken sunroof? Plus the gore filled death pieces are just quease inducing, they're just way too lovingly done.

There is wannabe cute call-backs to previous entries in the franchise that don't quite work, there is a 3D film-within-a-film sequence that does not work and there is no Tony Todd in this film. What else is wrong with this? The cast all have monotone voices, no-one has any rationality and perspective and I want my money back. Please don't do a 5th film. Please just no, this was a dull, badly made and terribly acted waste of time.
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