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Book Reviews: The Death Pit + Night Plague + The Hymn

The Death Pit by Tony Strong
In this 2000 novel, a woman goes to Scotland to investigate a 17th century witch. But as she investigates the past - modern day unpleasantness and tragic circumstances unfold. This was ridiculous and unrealistic. It’s full of dropped plots, the unsubtle presence of evil, a curtailment of logic, opinions reached far too hastily, startling assertions, forlorn commentary and sense is vigorously denied.

People are actively hostile to local witches, there is no deep concern over murders, bratty teens are unchallenged and people have inaccurate notions and this was not emotionally honest. Evil people ruthlessly assert themselves, there is no ethical state, locals don’t always act in a friendly way, there is no social credit and there is judgement and unsubtle cultural conversation about witch trials.

Idiots have impunity, there is community resistance to sense and a rambunctious idiot ‘heroine’. This ill-conceived novel finally reveals a baddie of innate malice and vindictive character who does and says things that are not in the heroine’s interest. The ending reveals ancient deep family disputes and schisms and a legacy of anger and silence. Various women are riven with desperation and are bleak of outlook.

This was a textual oddity in which panic-stupid people run around in a plot staunchly opposed to sense. This novel causes annoyance and contempt.

Night Plague by Graham Masterton
This 1991 novel (reprinted in 2003) has perversion and incoherence and is crap.

Best Line:
“Unloved by God,”

The Hymn by Graham Masterton
This 1991 novel (reprinted in 2003) has neo Nazis, Wagner, immortality, perversion, portents of doom, a lack of repercussions, loonies violating propriety and arcane rituals but no Shakespearean dread.
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