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Movie Reviews: Childhood Sweetheart?+The Wrong Man+The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

Childhood Sweetheart? (1997)

Melissa Gilbert stars in this tv movie. A man obsessed with the memory of his childhood sweetheart who vanished years ago is stunned when she (Gilbert) returns. Or does she? Ronny Cox is doubtful. Gilbert says she was taken by a pervert and escaped. Oddly no police or shrinks are involved in her care. Gilbert gets driving lessons and ID. But no counselling. People suspect her story. There are enduring questions in this ill-judged tv movie.

The man has attentiveness. A female admirer of his is bitchy. This was not a wonderfully dark or compelling tale of dark memories. The man's obsession with a woman he knew as a child is creepy. This was aimless.

The Wrong Man (2017)

A woman grows to suspect her grandfather's carer is a loon. This tv movie is a world ending failure. A creeper spies on the woman and the carer. The carer is frequently shirtless. The woman boffs the carer. This was absolutely ridiclious and logic defying. The creeper and the carer are con artists in on a scam together. Never give away your heart stupid woman. There is bad acting and botoxed non-emoting in this morbid theatricallity.

Best Lines:

“You write fluff stories on reality stars!”

“I don't know you.”

“Of course you do.”

The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie (1969)

In 1932 a teacher (Maggie Smith) influences her pupils for ill as she tries to set their futures and loyalties. Pamela Franklin and Gordon Jackson co-star. Miss Brodie is a fascist and a bad teacher. An art teacher is a sexual predator. Mary is bullied by her classmates. There are creepy sexual politics. Mary runs off to Spain to fight in the civil war and is killed whilst on a train. Finally Miss Brodie is brought down. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Six inches is perfectly adequate. More is vulgar!”

“Your brother sounds like a bad lot!”

“Throughly silly woman.”

“Exempt from all suspicion.”

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