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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'True Detective' season 3 promo

Absurd and deplorable.

'Captain Marvel' Special Look

The secret war with the Skrulls wasn't mentioned before now? Nick Fury has hair, Kree, Jude Law, powers, a silly hat, Coulson and mmmm.

'Blindspot' promo

A smackdown. Sigh.

'The Blacklist' 6x03 promo

Liz has turned on Red. Oh who cares?

'Honest Trailers: Unbreakable'

Still don't care.

'Watchmen' tv show footage


Who saw 'Croupier'?

There will be a 'Venom 2'?

Read up on the Picard tv show, still not caring.

'Star Trek 4' cancelled.

'The Death Pit' Quote:

“The insane belief that Sean Connery is a great actor-”

'TVNow' Quote:

“Asked them to cease.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“My teacher has already taken an instant and strong dislike to me.”

“Put on a shirt that doesn't look like it's Hooters issued.”

“You are going to college. Probably not a good college.”

“Yelling at the seafood tower.”

“Justify not having jobs to your rich husbands.”

“We can't afford boarding school! Empty threat!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Disliking them being around me.”

“Do not feel like we are living together as a family.”

“Feeling excluded, lonely and unwanted.”

“Electric care bed.”



“Social naivety.”

“Being perceived as challenging beahviour.”

“Urge surfing.”

“The compnay I longed for would need to be actively sought.”

“Receiving venues.”

“Cynically framed.”

“Disingenuous accusation.”


“They have different expectations of hotel bedrooms, they like their water served at a different temperature.”

“Car history check.”

“Unemployed, unmarried and living at home for years to come.”

“Unfeigned admiration.”

“Open letter of condemnation.”

“Litany of grievances.”

“Experience seeker.”

“Public scorn.”

“Ruling against his own people.”

“His home may not be a safe place.”

“Most people treat him with distain and loathing. Nobody particularly wants to see him.”

'The Plantagenets' Quotes:

“Wicked uncles are a common feature of medieval dynastic politics.”

“Foully murdered.”

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