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KennyEverettVideoShow Disc6+Babylon5 2x15+War Of The Worlds 1x16&1x17+Brexit+Charmed (2018-?) 1x01

The Kenny Everett Video Show Disc 6

Kenny's ITV stint came to a end after this series. One wonders when his BBC show will be cleared for DVD release. The cartoon is gone (YAY!) but is now replaced by live-action skits that concentrate on how stupid Carla is (groan). Also Carla is now not black. Billy Connelly shows up. I find this show's purpose in question.

Bernard Manning shows up. Kenny waves a toilet brush covered in glitter. I fail to see why Kenny has such passionate advocates. This show is of no sustenance. Kenny does morbid theatrics. This show was a disaster of epic proportions. This was all idleness. In 1981, the final series was renamed The Kenny Everett Video Cassette – talk about dated. This was not life enhancing.

Kenny cracks Irish jokes with Terry Wogan. Michael Aspel and Lionel Blair lurk. Why did Kenny think doing an exaggerated African accent was hilarious? Kenny jokes about a new fangled device: a radar gun. Avocado pears are discussed. There are camp jokes, Benny Hill music and Patrick Moore aka Patrick bore is mocked. The show was axed after this. No great loss.

Best Lines:

“Places like pubs.”

“Cultural vaccum.”

“If you don't like it. There's 2 other channels.”

“A man so unaffected by constant failure.”

“A really classy bog.”

“Bomb the bastards!”

And Now For A Word

It is 2259 and a reporter visits B5. There are bad VFX, inevitable doom and the reporter stares intently. New tensions emerge. Nobody is reflective or reconciliatory. The B5 staff seem antagonistic. Londo makes dubious assertions. There are less than friendly situations. Londo fakes moral righteousness. IPX was never explored. Delenn is generally maligned and deserves it. People have chagrin and condescension. Ivanova gets away with workplace bullying. Corwin is cute. There is a New Vegas?

Franklin is frowning and unsmiling. There are cruel absurdities and no conviviality. The reporter is particularly damning of Delenn's un-skilful mainipulations. Is B5 a unit of social cohesion? No. Ivanova was born in the Russian Consortium – yet she has a US first name and accent. Ivanova mentions her brother who was killed in the Minbari war. There's talk of unprecedented public opposition to B5 and its founding purpose. Sheridan spews his authoriatitve narrative. There is talk of higher expectations and the highest form of human endeavour.

There is talk of the Alien Section, isn't that othering? The Vorlons are a mystery. G'Kar threatens doom – no-one listens, as per usual this dark irony is unnoticed. Londo is feeble and wretched. Delenn thinks she can ameliorate her past militant action. Delenn deserves the chilling condemnation of her cynical ploy. The searing memories of the near-genocidal war (that SHE STARTED) were shrugged off.

Delenn has a cry over her shattered reputation. Oh boo hoo. The Centauri transport mass drivers – they'd use them soon enough. G'Kar has deep concern and dissatisfaction. There are shelters on B5. Nobody much cares about the Narn. There are dire circumstances and emotional despair. Sheridan is charisma free. Londo threatens a blockade of B5. Why wasn't Londo ordered off B5 after the stunt he pulled? Where is Talia? There is no good organisation and Sheridan is unedifying. There is bad acting and TPTB believe in the Great Man model of history. So Sheridan (their idea of a Great Man) spends his entire time explaining why he is great. This was okay apart from Sheridan's sappy speeches.

Best Lines:

“36 hours on Babylon 5.”

“Suggested no further expeditions.”

“Newly formed office of public morale.”

“Took them with us to the stars.”

“We're everywhere.”

“Let's be gracious about this.”


The Meek Shall Inherit

Ann Robinson guest stars. Harrison has left Sylvia (Robinson) in a nursing home of horrors. What are long distance lines? This ep causes no bliss of fascination. Crazy homeless people lurk. A woman wants to join Ironhorse's squad. Ironhorse has absolutist, cold, philosophical logic. Sylvia runs away. Harrison is a jerk. This was terrible and no one is fiercely supportive of the combative Ironhorse.

Best Lines:

“Not good either.”

“I'm not going to hurt you.”

“Damn right you're not!”


Unto Us A Child Is Born

This was dismal as the aliens do a sinister escalation. A pregnant woman is possesed by an alien in a lavatory. Where did it come from?!? She gives birth to a hybrid baby. Nobody cares about the unexpected or profound consequences of this. This makes no sense. There is a downer ending and this is not scary, threatening or unsettling.

Best Lines:

“The baby did this?”

“Blighted atmosphere.”

Brexit: The Uncivil War (2019)

This Channel 4 one-off tells of the fractious Brexit campaign. This has no concise narrative. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as a Leave campaign guy and does a focus group in a pub. He wants total war against the Remain lot. Boris Johnson is an idiot. Negativity is spread. The BBC act like the Brussels Broadcasting Coperation. The Remain rabble are self-defeating. The Leave lot find the ignored and marginalised and recruit them. The Remain lot ignore people's brutal realities and social problems. Tensions are raised and Bob Geldof is mocked. People become irrational and this was okay.

Best Lines:

“Blokey jokey.”

“Did you know you had an MEP?”

“Feeling left out, angry, ignored.”

“Type of people.”

“Discourse has become utterly moronic.”

“Get in through the backdoor.”

“Basically mental.”

“It's all gone crap.”

“Things you do not do.”

“Career sociopath.”


“Why don't people like me?”

“Get their news from MailOnline.”

“It's a lie.”

“You would say that.”

“Toxic culture.”

“Living in the future that you imagined for us.”


The reboot nobody asked for is here. 2 tweens dress like hookers. There is SJW crap. Their mother dies. Rupert Evans is in this. The tweens are foul little bints. Then some woman shows up claiming to be their half sister. The tweens don't want to know her. TPTB take everything good about the original show and get rid of it. These bints need to go. Evans plays the Whitelighter and seems to pull the Book Of The Shadows out of his ass and mentions the Source. Evans doesn't orb – oh come on! There is no Kit. What are these characters names? The demon looks silly. The ouija board tells the sisters not to trust Harry (Evans). This was terrible and grim.

Best Lines:

“Is that vomit on my boots?”

“The weakest of men reaches ill gotten glory!”


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