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The Kenny Everett Video Show Disc 5+The X Files 11x05&11x06+The Invaders 2x26 Reviewed

The Kenny Everett Video Show Disc 5

Freddie Mercury shows up for a cameo. There are Irish jokes. Lots of Irish jokes. It can be robustly argued that this isn't very good. Were memories of Kenny's comedic genius a wilful delusion? There are more decidely dodgy jokes. A Joe Frazier beer ad is shown along with the Technics Cassette tape ad. Dusty Springfield wears clown pants. Sting shows up. Kenny feels a moral imperative to mock Streisand. There are various terrible musical acts. The Repel-A-Thug skit is not as funny as it thinks. There are more dodgy race jokes. Orson Welles is mocked. One feels indifference.

Best Lines:

“Ego-shattering statement.”

“More stars than Star Trek!”

“Are you insane?”


“It's confrontration time.”


The duo recall the search for William. Louis Ferreira of 'SGU' and 'Prom Night II' guest stars. Season 10 had a certain amount of charm. This season has no psychological depth or dark questions. Where are Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose? There is product placement and Mulder extols fringe science. There is a terrible consequence of something. There are allegations and rhetoric. This season is ill-conceived. There is a sinister plot (yes, another one).

The duo find and lose William, which is no great loss as he is a punk. I don't care. There is muttering about the DOD and a conspiracy. Gillian Anderson shows off her ACTINGS. Skinner and CSM are in cahoots. Scully and Mulder are sure some punk teen is their son, oddly they're right. There are no character consequences or grim fatalism.

Best Lines:

“Teeth. Mucus.”

“Bowel-clenching fear.”


We get flashbacks to Vietnam and a young Skinner. Haley Joel Osment guest stars. Somone finally asks why Skinner hasn't been promoted since 1993. Skinner goes AWOL, again. This show's 90s glory is not recuprable. Scully points out that they don't know Skinner that well despite him being their boss since 1993. A dude is nasty, vicious and accusatory. Skinner never had integrity. Where are Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell? Why didn't the duo chase William down after 11x05? There are reveberations from the past.

Where are Scully's family? Why are rabbits and a cat in cages near a trailer in the woods? Where they taken to a place of safety after the resolution of the case? What happened to the tv host from season 10? Skinner has unloveable characteristics and is unpleasant. Terrible decions are made. This ep has no dark enchantment. There is oddness in a small town called Mud Lick.

There are bitter cirumstances and a hostile atmosphere. This was not disquieting or unexpectedly genuine. A relentless and vicious baddie rants about chem trails. Is this ep horribly prophetic? Skinner is a poisonous influence. A man has venomous spite and hatred. Will Scully and her calm stocisism shut up? A confrontration is shaping up. There is no malign stillness. Skinner kills someone. WTF was the point of this? Where's Spender? There is no determining factor.

Best Lines:

“Conspiracy addled minds.”

“Standing over a dead body. In the middle of the woods. In the middle of the night.”

“Not without precedent.”

“Sealed. Even from me.”


Where is 2x25? David Vincent tries to make people believe in aliens and ends up accused of murder, again. Then the ep and the show end. There is no resolution. This was poo.

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