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Kings Episode 9 Review


Silas heads off on pilgrimage with Jack. Joseph prompted by Jack's confession in ep 8 that "You're the only real thing I ever touched", mails a confession of Joseph's love for the crown prince to various news agencies. Meanwhile David is robbed by William Cross and his dirty pictures of Michelle are set to become media fodder. Michelle might as well be a contestant on one of those tacky reality shows where people fight and scream things like: "That skank ho poured a beer on my weave!"

Andrew has daddy issues. Why he was exiled is still not clear, he does have a predilection for stealing the Queen's shoes though. Meanwhile Queen Rose gets into a feud with Katarina the gold-digger turned Minister. Which is not wise as Katarina ups the stakes to unbearable levels. Jack learns Joseph is dead, either via suicide or murdered on Rose's orders. Jack broods in the rain at Joseph's funeral.

Silas hangs out with his mistress who is willing to overlook abandonment and Silas sending the doctor who saved their son to jail. The bland David lies to Silas' face and he's really going to regret that. This was okay. But why is Michelle so dumb? Why does David suddenly start lying? Why does Jack's personality change from week to week? Did Joseph really kill himself? Does Rose know about Silas' other family?

Best Lines:
"I've had my fill of old men."
"Without their money you'd still be dancing on poles or stilts or whatever it was you did."
"I may have bought my title but your brother bought your crown. Are we so different?"

"He loved me and I loved him."
"No you didn't. You can't."

"I hurt Michelle to hurt Silas. I broke his favourite thing."

"The only person who saw me, who really saw me and still loved me. He's dead."
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