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Movie Reviews: The Boss + The Football Factory + Mongolian Death Worm + Radius

The Boss (2016)

There are hoochies dancing, a stage entrance on an phoenix and a bad wig after an unwanted child grows up into a tastemaker. Kristen Bell runs around. Michelle the vile woman/tastemaker is arrested. The dude from 'Reaper', 'Invasion' and 'Tucker and Dale vs Evil' lurks. This was inordinately unfunny. Melissa McCarthy comedies are a declining trend. A PA (Bell) goes from dealing with Michelle's unmangeable demands to having her move in. Michelle faces condemnation and the 'Game Of Thrones' midget. There is a street brawl over brownies.

Best Lines:

“Families are for suckers.”

“That sounds false.”

“Not a cheese found in nature.”

“I can see your vagina.”

“I hope he's alseep.”

“Never be invited into my basement.”

“Aren't you charming for yelling that out on the street.”

“Nobody likes you.”

“Pity's all you've got.”

The Football Factory (2004)

Professional geezer Danny Dyer stars in this tale of a football hooligan. Dyer lives for violence and alchol and even being beaten half to death in a dark tunnel with a brick won't make him change. This was try-hard.

Best Lines:

“With parents like that he was never going to end up in Greenpeace.”

“Glue and hate.”

Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Giant worms are man's avowed enemy. Sean Patrick Flanery and Victoria Pratt star and show why they are increasingly forgotten figures.

Radius (2017)

Diego Klattenhoff of 'The Blacklist' stars as a Typhoid Mary. I tried to care but couldn't.

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