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This trade paperback collects season 12 of the comic. I gave up on the comic long ago and didn't even notice when it finished with this story. This is also a sequel to 'Fray'. People act like Faith isn't the slayer and that Buffy is. Fray's useless vampire brother Harth bores and plots. Xander and Dawn have a baby. Didn't he die? Don't TPTB notice how ick their realtionship is? Xander coos over Dawn's milk filled breasts. Ew.

Oh come on. Why is Spike in Dawn and Xander's HOUSE? Giles is an adult again. Angel and Illyria show up. Buffy works with the police and is 30. Where's Gunn? Angel and Illyria are a couple?!? Oh ick. People babble about some movement/centre Willow set up. Wolfram & Hart plot. Faith shows up. The Mayor is back. People travel to the 23rd century and Fray is unwelcoming and Buffy is violent. Harmony shows up. Why doesn't Buffy stake her?

Harth has predatory glee. The future is a sleaze swamp. Harth is universally hated. Buffy assumes she has the moral high ground and likes to tetchily interrupt people. Buffy has a smug expression. The future is not fair and functioning. Where's Anya's ghost? Buffy is not virtuous. Where's Dracula? Harmony has slaves and nobody does anything. Harmony does exposition. Andrew shows up to annoy. He's to be a Watcher. Does everyone forget he murdered Jonathan?!?

Xander's still in touch with his awful family! Where is Robin Wood? Where is Kennedy? Faith says Buffy and the gang stuck by her – they never did! Why is the scythe Buffy's? It should be Faith's! If the future has changed, how does the fish dude exist? How can Faith join the police? There will be an SFPD supernatural division? Where's Drusilla? Things come to a happy ever after. People get along reasonably amicably and there is a compulsory 'family' gathering. TPTB give Buffy incredible resilience and strength of character. There is a ferocious final fight. There is no war weariness. This was very good wrap up, naturally TPTB are doing a reboot.

Best Lines:

“The last stand of the last slayer.”

“Vague and unreliable as legends are.”

“Exist forever in untold agony.”

“Fifth Element Barbie--”

“Phones keep changing. It's confusing.”

“It's a big bad team-up. Seen it before, sqaushed it before.”

“Your dystopian Y.A novel of a world!”

“Whatever it is, I've got it coming.”

“Let them come! And let them fall!”

“Probably went back to Boston and pahked cahs.”

“You went to hell and never came back.”

“The three of you should get real and just embrace polyamory.”

“Never did anything interesting again, far as I know.”


“Nerd Dracula.”

“You will want to come for me. Do not.”


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