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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Orville' 2x03 promo


'Gotham' 5x02 promo

Needs more Shane West.

Wheat, dairy & gluten free Berry Delicious cookies – no.

I won't read 'Such A Good Girl'.

Who saw 'Driven', 'War Of The Buttons' or 'A Knight's Tale'?

'The Main Event' Quotes:

“Some chicanery going on around here.”

“They were identical! Identical!”

“Referee paid off!”

“How much money did they spend on the plastic surgery?!?”

'Butterflies' Quote:

“I find that t-shirt distasteful.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“A purchaser who remains unknown.”

“Decayed, uncared for appearance.”

“Rock in the atlantic.”

“Persons of lesser experience.”

“Abandonment of allies.”

“Caused dismay.”

“Disappeared to faraway battlefields.”

“Negotiate forgiveness.”

“Erroneous facts and distorted truths.”

“So fraught.”

“Nobody was going to acept my word.”

“No such plot to impugn.”

“Public outrage was palpable.”

“Conspired to damge the reputation.”

“Highly contentious allegations.”

“Alleged a plot based on lies and perjury.”

“Range of judgment orders.”


“Ideal president of their imaginations.”

“Self-identifying intellectual.”

“Insists upon following women around with Jordan Petersen books.”

“Offer social-historical comment.”

“A purgatory of under-attended speaking tours.”

“Actively prefer the substitutes on offer.”

“Your first name betrays your generation.”

“Space-based assets.”

“Refrain from a public objection.”

“Offically I barely exist.”

“Behavioural agreement.”

“Social purgatory.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Space power.”

'Sherlock Holmes And The Sussex Sea-Devils' Quote:

“I did not kill him, if that is the implication behind your acrimonious tone.”

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