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Book Review: Vampire Detectives, part 2

Vampire Detectives edited by Martin H. Greenberg, part 2

Girl's Night Out

Cliche watch is on full alert in this inglorious, badly written tale that is not challenging, satisfying or explorative.

Home Comforts

A freaky sleazy tale set in a post-apoc Ameirca. This was pointless and awful.

Origin Of Species

This was bad.


A vampire serial killer is on the loose. This tries for realism and is not emotive.

Best Lines:

“Probably a hooker. Dressed like one.”

“Smiling at the cars, like I taught her to do.

The Night Of Their Lives

A Depression era vampire tale that is not done with sincere commitment.

Night Tidings

A priest asks a vampire for help. There is no practical reasoning.

God-Less Men

This is all smugness and moral superority and castigation. This was not emotive.

No Blood For A Vampire

The utterly arbitrary so called norm is disrupted or soemthing.

The Count's Mailbox

Dracula gets involved in the publishing industry. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Good critcal ink.”

“Nervous about crossing category lines.”

Tom Rudolph's Last Tape

A noir detective fell for the wrong dame. This was okay.

The Turning

An odd okay little tale of NY and monsters.

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