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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Z Nation' 5x13 promo

This show has been cancelled? Addy's a zombie? Warren's boyfriend shows up?

'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' trailer

This looks weird.

'Attack Of The Giant Babies' promo

Hell no.

Peanut & salted caramel choc – good.

Gluten free white chocolate & cranberry cookies – okay.

Raspberry choc – okay.

Chocolate crumble choc – mmm.

Dark chocolate choc – okay.

There will be a 'Z Nation' spinoff called 'Black Summer'.

Who saw 'A Mighty Wind', 'Of Mice And Men', 'The Polar Express', 'Beowulf' or 'Gormenghast'?

'Aertel' Quote:

“Victim detection device.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Decision-making appeared satisfactory.”

“Shut down informed debate.”

“Blinkered group-think.”

“Unheard of before.”

“Deer having twins.”

“Plead guilty to his latest offence,”

“Two with riot shields,”

“Challenging Behavior Unit.”

“Grim reading.”

“Personal protective-equipment.”

“Everything there is constructed to ensure it can't be turned into a weapon.”

“Tried to control his rage, with little success.”

“A five person team in full riot geat must be assembled.”

“No power to prevent him reading such books.”


“Fear of strangers coming into the community.”

“Final sign-off by all governments in the world.”

“Unnecessarily limiting.”

“Without any possibility of release.”

“Mass trend of active hostility.”

“High-profile drama.”

“Examinations of the past and an awareness of our of histories.”

“Actually meant to be creepy.”

“Dependence on these parcels at Christmas time in remote rural areas.”

“The joy of recipients and the disappointment for those left without.”

“Harmonically relentless.”

“Irritated by such criticism.”

“Condemnations were unnecessary.”

“General severity of tone.”

“Basic unwillingness to accept his judgment in these matters.”

“An ever more difficult figure.”

“More implacable, more certain in her convictions, more dismissive of any critical or querulous voices,”

“Get no credit for what we are doing.”

“Declinists, quietists and isolationists.”

'Eastenders' Quote:

“Rent a gob.”

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