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Book Reviews: Vampire Detectives, part 1 + The Light Between Worlds

Vampire Detectives edited by Martin H. Greenberg, part 1

This 1995 anthology does exactly what it says on the tin.



Vampire Dollars

A tale of Hollywood sleaze which has a bare miniumn of the vampire theme. What it does have is vile sexual politics.

Best Lines:

“He looked like a leftover cliche from the 50s.”

This Town Ain't Big Enough

I've read this goodish Tanya Huff tale before.


The Light Between Worlds by Laura Weymouth

This 'Narnia' knockoff is tiresome. During WW2, two London sisters and their ignored brother were transported to a mgical land. The bitch sister, Philippa, dragged them back. This act plunged Evelyn into depression and self harm. Why? The magical land doesn't seem that magical or interesting.

Now Evelyn is missing (eventually) and Philippa is still a massive stuck up bitch who made her sister and her introversion alienated from real life. Philippa purposefully denied logic and dictated the terms of the conclusion of their stay in the magic land. Now Evelyn is heartbreaking in her certainty she's in the wrong world and heads out to find her fated fulfilment. Evelyn was treated as unduly burdensome as she became of ever more melancholy disposition.

This was a tale of continual insecurity, a sister sly in her perfidy and plaintive hysteria. This book has no compelling reason to exist – it's so dull. Philippa is incapable of saying what she did was morally wrong.

Best Line:

“Everyone wants a glimpse of the old masters brought back from their wartime sojourn in a Welsh cave.”

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