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TheInnocent Man1x05 +Lost Hearts+The Ash Tree+The Invaders 2x14 +The Kenny Everett Video Show Disc1

Smoking Guns

The murders cause never-ending horror. This is done with overdone solemnity. A new suspect may have had long simmering anger. There is no hardened certainty. People claim the case was significantly compromised and are staunch opponents of the cops. There is no idyllic resolution. The dead women are overlooked. A guy has TBI. Who did the terrible murders? This was not fantastically tense. There is notoriety. A mentally ill man had a bad time in jail. This was pateince demanding.

Lost Hearts (1973)

This MR James adptation is ineptitude as an orphan is sent to live with his creepy uncle in his creepy remote house. The creepy uncle 'collected' children and it's all weird. The 'uncle' is creepy and children with long fake fingernails come for him.

The Ash Tree (1975)

A 17th century Squire is haunted in this MR James tale. This was dull and incoherent.

Best Lines:

“Failing to wed a wife.”

“Sleep in a house with such a tree!”

The Believers

David Vincent and other UFO crazies join forces. DV ends up captured and in peril. Aliens chase DV and the latest woman he mistreats with what looks like a Trivial Pursuit gamepiece. DV does moral censure. This was crap, seriously crap.

Best Line:

“Find people who knew how to stop them.”

The Kenny Everett Video Show (1978-1981) Disc 1

This show has FINALLY got a DVD release. This was unfunny in large parts and the cartooon segments were annoying as hell.

Best Lines:

“Told me Hertz van rental was a Dutch painter.”

“Mugged by a stick insect.”

“You're so brave and stuff.”

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