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Trailers, Quotes & more Bird Box thoughts

'The Haunting Of Sharon Tate' trailer

Hilary Duff plays Sharon Tate. WTF?

'You' trailer

This tired looking show is about a stalker.

Best Lines:

“Questionable taste in friends.”

“Scary people in the world.”

'Us' trailer


Garlic Aioli chippie dippie – yum.

Korean Ranch chippie dippie – no.

Irish Whiskey Cream – yum.

Spiced Christmas Truffles – unsure.

Dingle Whiskey handmade choc – nice.

Praline Crunch handmade choc – yum.

Vodka Barberry handmade choc – nice.

Who saw 'Cruel Intentions 2', 'RV', 'Police Academy 2', 'Kinky Boots', 'Bodyline' or 'B.L Striker'?

SSG is in.

I want the Dante's zircon ring: 14.56t rare orange beryl with 344 coloured diamonds and sapphires set into a 18kt rose gold ring. I also want the La Dame Blue ring with 13.28ct fancy cut rare Swis blue topaz with 310 coloured diamonds & pink sapphires. I want a rocking sheep, a tote bag, Diptyque candles, a trinket dish, pillow spray and a Calvin Klein watch.

I want to try Sweet Russian Dumplings and tarragon vinegar.

What is hippie pop?

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Annual exclusion.”

“Waking up one day and there were 10 men outside my front door, and they didn't leave for about five years,”

“This is how a civilisation dies,”

“The macho school of sports writers couldn't bear it. After all women liked it.”

“Doesn't understand soap.”

'The Innocent Man' Quote:

“Snitch evidence.”

'The Real Noah's Ark' Quotes:

“Nothing behind them but smoke and screams.”

“Certain familiar ring about it.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Condemned by god.”


“Decades-old arguments.”

“Dead things shadow my thoughts.”

“Disregard for the future.”

“Turning court apperances into entertainmnent.”

“Did not forsee support.”

“What would happen if Bruce Wayne was on a jury tasked with adjudicating one of Batman's vanquished foes.”

'Upstart Crow' quote:

“Sponsored leper.”

“A man with the moral compass of Henry the VIII's marriage guidance consellor.”

“All ghosts are represented by spooky little girls dressed in antique night attire.”

“That which is yet to be.”


Additional Thoughts on 'Bird Box'

Why is there still running water in the house? Why do peoples eyes change when they see the things? How did Douglas get back into the house after Gary locked him in the garage? Olympia's stupid decision led to appalling damage. Tom and Malorie and the kids were in the house for 5 years after that. So how did Malorie not become pregnant again? Where did the machete come from?

What did Malorie do for tampons? What did they do about the bodies that littered the house thanks to Gary? Other people who saw the creatures and lived drive around being menacing. How did they cover up the windows again? How many of the things are out there? Where do the crazy meancing people get cars and petrol? How does Tom shave? How is Malorie waxing her legs? Where did they get the boat? How nice there was a nearby well.

Best Lines:

“Cleanse the world.”

“What could be.”

“Could be's not good enough.”

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