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The X Files 11x02-11x04+The Invaders 2x13+Law & Order SVU 20x05+War Of The Worlds 1x06 Reviewed


One of The Lone Gunmen makes contact with Mulder and Scully depsite being you know dead. There is a murder attempt on the duo. The Lone Gunmen met their rubbish demise 16 years ago. They were buried in Arlington? Skinner refuses to help Mulder and Scully because he is an ass. I've no idea what is going on. Mulder visits Deep Throat's grave. There is fear and recrimination. This ep was not critically adored.

Why are Mulder and Scully suddenly wanted for arrest by a private security contractor? There are adverse events and internet cafes still exist. There is mumbling, a Mueller mention and the duo are shocked that the X Files were digitised. Mulder and Scully have crisis surivival skills. Skinner must flip a coin daily to decide if Mulder and Scully are deemed worthy of his patronage. 2 people die and what do Mulder and Scully do? Nothing. Sandrine Holt of 'The Crossing' guest stars.

I've no idea what is going on. Mulder has dogged determinaiton to annoy. Why was that Lone Gunman chosen to be preserved? He's aged and looks like the guy who was fired from 'Transparent'. The cabal claim organisation and a sense of unified beliefs and objectives where none probably exist. There is coiled resentment and this was sluggish. Mulder ignores the nagging family tensions of his crazy bio-dad and unwanted half-brother.

There is resentful obligation. Evil asserts itself implacably. This was objectively useful. There is an unremitting flow of noise. Mulder has passionate dedication and resentful distain. The cabal/company wants to upload humanity into AI. There is no positive commitment. Quality cannot be obtained. This was creepy aimlessness. Mulder hints he and Scully do BDSM. Mulder carries on his inexorable, inexplicable, compulsive, unstoppbale desire. The discourse is not reframed. There are questions about the present and intentions. Mulder and Scully have no concept of a backup.

Best Lines:

“I didn't know his real name til right now.”

“Everything we feared came to pass. How the hell did that happen?”

“A graveyard he didn't even know he was going to be buried in.”

“Skanky bar.”

“Hannibal Lecter level psycho.”

Plus One

People are haunted by evil doppelgangers. Didn't they already do this plot? Mulder and Scully are back at work. There are civil disturbances and no shared morals. There is mainipulative behaviour and people have creepy experiences and a malign force is loose. This is not a profound masterpiece or defiantly weird or impressively serious. There is no bleak reality.

This is not fraught with emotions or dramatic values. I wish TPTB would bring Jim Rose back. This ep was maddeningly dumb. A dude acts reprehensibly. There is no oceanic ambition. Mulder has benign sternness. This was catastophically wrong and ferociously catastrophic. The irrefutable truth is this show is done. A dude has incompetence and vindictiveness. This is a non-compelling calamity. Baddies bristle with intent and pettiness. This was indefensibly awful.

Best Lines:


“Some evil in the air.”

“Dark influence.”

“My sister's a miserable slut.”

“Too stupid to make it up.”

“Tell it to the hand G-Man!”

The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat

This was funny if not stark or bleak as TPTB quesion the relevance of a 90s show in today's political climate. This has no eerie relevance. Someone revives Mulder's old window signal. Mulder dresses in camo. There are no universal norms of civil, moral, tolerant, rule-following.This was not slapdash. Mulder has earnestness in this nonsense which was good.

This has comedy and ingenuity. A man goes on about a tv show ep and we get a flashback to little Mulder. Scully talks about cherry Goop-o. Mulder goes through his videotape collection. They are told they have forgotten things. Where are Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell? There are Trump jokes and did reality really change? There is bluster and gusto and Mulder talks about a forgotten movie.

There is relentless cynicism and simmering urgency. Fox Mulder has no dignity or respect. A dude has personal unease. People are chillingly informed that maybe their memories and reality have been changed.

Best Lines:

“Do you even know me?”

“Nerd boy.”

“Forms into 3 different layers with 2 different textures all from the same mix?”

“There's no they there!”

“Has a memory of something that isn't shared by the majority or the factual record.”

“Secret rendevouz signal.”

“Poltical shame section.”

“This omnipresent mysterious they to give intentionalality to random events.”

The Captive

David Vincent continues his moral protestations, there is a fake gunshot wound and a lack of real accountability and consequences for the aliens. There is a bleak reality as an alien ends up in the hands of an Eastern Bloc UN delegation. Fritz Weaver guest stars. DV is at work. HOW? Why isn't he an unemployable bum? DV smokes. Aliens have no blood and this has no regality and is a morass of medicore.

The alien disdainfully appraise DV. A communist mentions god and talks about a collective farm. DV has stinging frustration and stinging reprimands as Cold War realities unfold. People outline their dissatisfaction. Pure oxygen is fatal to the aliens? There is a lack of any practicular consequences. There is interference with DV's efforts to get on with his life. DV attacks another woman. The unravelling of DV's reputation goes on. This was terrible, absolutely terrible.

The imminence of the threat isn't. No one lamented this show's passing. DV is an idiot who lives a dissolute life. DV urges a woman to defect, she won't – she wants to warn her poeple. Something that didn't even occur to DV. Sigh.

Best Lines;

“Who's us?”

“What are you?”

“We've been briefed on you people.”

“Regardless of any consequnces.”

“Outer space people.”

“Yawned in my face.”

“Not from this Earth.”

“What is he then?”


Sebastain Roche stars as a cult leader who pretends to run a women's empowerment group whilst controlling and brainwashing its members. This was based on a true story. This was sleazy.

Best Lines:

“Which bar?”

“A lot of them.”

The Second Seal

The team try to find the records of the 1953 invasion. Greg Morris guest stars. Harrison acts like an ass and orders Ironhorse to get him a pizza. Suzanne whines and there is sexual harrassement and guns and Ironhorse being injured. This was Just Say No dreck.

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