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Book Review: Cthulhu 2000, part 3

Cthulhu 2000, edited by Jim Turner, part 3

The Last Feast Of Harlequin

By Thomas Ligotti. This dour tale of clowns has no creative will or escalating sense of unease.

The Shadow On The Doorstep

This purple-prosed tale is about a man with emotional dysregulation. This has no brutal moments and it does not affect you profoundly.

Lord Of The Land

By Gene Wolf. This inessential tale is about Egyptian horrors lurking in hayseed country, or soemthing. One reacts with disbelief that this was considered necessary.

The Face At Pine Dunes

By Ramsey Campbell. This is a not very good tale of Lovecratian horrors in a derelict seaside resort town.

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