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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Delicious' promo


'A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon' teaser

Space aliens!

'Brexit: The Uncivil War' promo

The controversial docu-drama looks stupid.

'Hellboy' trailer

This unwanted reboot is set in the UK and has Ian McShane and comedy and idiocy and Mo Slater with a machine gun!

Halo Top chocolate ice-cream – too sweet and watery.

Leopards eat porupines?

Santa's chimney invasion is coming up.

The Indonesian black chicken is weird looking.

Jeffrey Pierce who played the young Alan Panborn on 'Castle Rock' was in 'Cult' and 'Alcatraz'.

'The FBI Files' Quote:

“Confrontational survelliance.”

'War Of The Worlds' Quotes:

“Who are you?”

“We can't say!”

“You're just weird.”

“We've got company.”

“Nobody I want to know.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Fawned over by our betters.”

“Missed life chances.”

“Impose it on others.”

“Ignorant commentary.”

“Unseen history.”

“Undermine feelings of worth.”

“Help was seen as problematic.”

“Fan worship.”

“Closed to the outside world.”

“No one having any legal responsibility for.”

“Push them out of their own home.”

“Remembered for decades.”

“Assembled a group of men for that purpose.”

“Deter and tackle public disorder.”

“Remove by force the people who refused to leave.”

“Isolated and excluded.”


“Not meet the fate of.”

“Ended up selling patio awnings on daytime television-”

“Squeamishness with awkward cases.”

“As the neighbours cautiously put it.”

“Failed to find a claim credible.”

“Cirumstances in which they were recruited.”

“Familair apocalyptic tropes.”

“Societal collapse picture.”

“Earn him contempt from all quarters of the town.”

“Leaned angrily on the doorbell and demanded his annual visit.”

“Her hitherto devoted husband, loves someone else.”

“Prey abundence.”

“Highly human-impacted.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“I don't apologise.”

“I will not get a regular job!”

'South Park' Quote:

“It's because of you that Santa's sleigh got shot down.”

'Jezebel' Quote:

“Fume events.”

'DenOfGeek' Quote:

“Rarely before or since has a tramp's suggestion that you open his magic box deemed fit for Christmas.”

'The World's Most Extraordinary Christmas Dinners' Quotes:

“Animals were too valuable to eat.”

“Christmas dinner that moves.”

“Might look like posh cat food.”

“Liquid salt.”

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