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Book Reviews: Cthulhu 2000, part 2

Cthulhu 2000 edited by Jim Turner, part 2

“I Had Vacantly Crumpled It into My Pocket...But by God, Eliot, It Was a Photograph from Life!”

The overly long title has nothing to do with the story. A hysterical man with an unstable perosnality disorder meets a woman who has indecent intentions. He lacks power of reasoning and his daily life is rarely if ever: calm, relaxed or easy going. This has no purpose.


In this ridiclious tale, Lovecraft reveals that there was no fictive nature in his stories in this undignified tale. This is not deeply unsettling. It is non credible.

Best Lines:

“Unheralded demise.”

“Pathetic pretensions to scholarship.”

The Unthinkable

I've read this before. It's a very good story about an alternate US/Soviet Strategic Arms Talks. This is full of unhallowed meance.

Best Lines:

“There are still night gaunts and banshees downwind of the old test sites.”

“To deliberately contact an utterly alien entity from the abyss.”

“Dreadful knowledge.”

“Cosmic torment.”

Black Man With A Horn

By T.E.D Klein. I've read this before, it's sexist and racist and I don't know why this tale has endured. It's not as good as you think, it exists to titillate the credulous. There is no great reasonableness.

Love's Eldritch Ichor

By Esther M. Friesner. This is a very good spoof of the publishing industry. This has insinuating charm and a Trump reference.

Best Lines:

“Suck dead seagulls.”

“Elves with Really Big Swords trilogies.”

“Black Goat Of The Woods Dairy Farm.”

“Some godforsaken Yankee white trash town called Arkham, where I suppose the main industry us narrying your sister,”

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