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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 1x05+The Innocent Man 1x03+War Of The Worlds 1x01-1x03+ 7 others

Chapter Five: Dreams In The Witch House

Sabrina's unleashed a demon in this determinedly unsentimental ep which has no emotional truths. This was not masterly. A dream demon prances. This was not exhilarating. Salem mews. This had no profound affect. This is a coarse and alienating world full of moral condemnation. Ambrose is boorish.

Witches are socially conservative and repressive. Sabrina has an exaggerated faith in herself. There is no moral paragon or complexity. There are many dramatic weaknesses. There is no astounding dignity. Things get contentious in this bonkers ep. Sabrina dreams that Harvey throttles her. This was not inspiring as chicanery happens. There is social upheaval. There is no soulful authenticity.

This is not a serious drama. There is alienating conduct in this deliberate rubbishness that is self-regarding. This was not compulsive. An Aunt is romanced by Balki, only not. This was interminable, cliche-riddled and not urgent or eloquent. Characters are irredeemably repugant and unpleasant in this tediously empty ep, that is painfully incoherent monotony.

Best Lines:

“Never open a magic box if you don't know what's inside it.”

“Sinister things.”


Rotten To The Core

People go on and on about hair evidence fails and a palm print. The 2 convicted killers are supposed to be poor didums for having a bad time in jail. One laughed during his police interview! FFS.

Best Lines:

“Law people.”

“Knew her word was good.”

“Doing bad.”

“Teeth rotting out of his mouth.”

The Resurrection, part 2

Eugene Clark guest stars in this definatly medicore but not actively bad ep. The sound quality is bad. Ironhorse emotes a lot and does a lot of acting. Harrison is a self-aggrandising incompetent. The aliens are intriniscally evil. Ironhorse is decent and well-intentioned and has a big gun. Harrison 'rescues' Ironhorse is a somewhat problematic manner. Why doesn't Harrison say the baddies are aliens?

Society is dimished. This was not broadly entertaining. Harrison is casually sexist. There are William Shatner style line readings. Harrison is insufferably smug and has a need of atttention. There is mumbling and the female scientist's daughter whines. There are hostile actions and deep concerns. Why does Ironhorse change into civilian attire?

The aliens are ill-meaning. Ironhorse calls himself an Indian, didn't the term Native American exist in 1988? Harrison notes that 3 is important to the aliens and they base their society and actions on it. This ep was less successful. Harrison destroys good feeling and has no moral fortitude. There are harsh reactions. 3 of the alien ships are in Hanger 15, left over from 1953. There is ethical rot and misconduct and unethical ties. This was dodgy. There is no calm or order.

Ironhorse signals displeasure. Hasn't anyone studied the aliens since 1953? There are bad VFX. An alien types on a keyboard! Can it read English? How can it type? This was infuriatingly dumb.

Best Lines:

“I've never heard such a crock of bull.”

“Who are these people?”


“Later? Do it now or there won't be any later.”

“What are they?”

“This is weird stuff we're dealing with here!”

“Is it? Is it really?”

The Walls Of Jericho

2 sexist pervs yell. The aliens kill cows for unclear reasons. The team have a housekeeper. Ironhorse wears sweatpants and then his uniform. The aliens rot. Harrison's girlfriend has vanished. People have forgotten the 1953 alien attack. There is an unavoidable destiny. Sad lives are lived. Nobody is better off. Aliens trade on their past glories. This was inauspicious. Cold and frosty people annoy. This was not dark or distinctive. Did Harrison mention PCBS or PCPS? There are stressful cirumstances.

Best Lines:

“Devil's cult.”

“Ain't nothing good about it!”

Thy Kingdom Come

Ann Robinson from the 1953 movie reprises her role. Sadly she is screechy and hysterical. Aliens lurks. Suzanne is awful. This bored. A kid mentions a Ferengi and then his parents and grandmother are taken over by aliens. Harrison mentions he is a vegan. The aliens are vegan. An ice-hockey player explodes. Nuns ignore the kid's pleas for help. Why are the nuns dressed in pre-Vatican II fashion? The aliens constantly tell people they are Americans. Are TPTB trying for parody here? This wasn't good.

Best Lines:

“Just what would they here to spy on?”

"Speak as the body would speak!"

Arrow 7x09

Elseworlds: Hour Two

What is the point of the body-swapping? I wish Curtis would piss off. Slade's son Joe causes problems. Where is Slade and his other son Grant? I wish Felicity would go away. Ruby Rose guest stars. Oliver refuses to believe Batman is real. The gang go to Gotham City. I wish Oliver would shut up, he's a demoralising death dealing jerk. The retired batsignal is seen.

Oliver, Barry and Kara stand aorund yapping and somehow miss seeing Batwoman and her crimson wig standing on a roof. The Gotham 1%-ers travel around in armoured trucks. Cisco is an idiot. This ep is by no means the shows finiest moment. The 'heroes' are jerks. They don't quesiton the narrative of Gotham society and its leaders. Vigilantes have unchecked power. Oliver affronts people and causes significant negative impacts.

Oliver is not profoundly sad over Tommy. Oliver makes bad things happen. Tommy was rightly upset and annoyed at Oliver's treatment of him and Oliver still hasn't expressed remorse. Oliver can't be quiet and civil. Where is Bruce Wayne? Wayne Enterprises is in dissarry. Oliver is rude and ungrateful. Kate Kane (Rose) shows up. Oliver deserves to have scorn poured on him. Felicity whines. Who is Bruce Wayne's R&D guy?

Only Kara guesses Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. Oliver loves violent retaliation. Felicity makes it all about her. This was not emotionally charged. Kate is Bruce's cousin. There is a shout-out to the 1966 'Batman' tv show. Oliver grins with smug finality. Nora Freeze shows up for no real reason. This ep is especially regrettable. John Barrowman and Reverse Flash show up for no good reason. There is mumbling and the 1990 Flash shows up. Who is coming? Superman shows up.

Best Lines:

“Infamous vigilante.”

“Cheated on his girlfriend with her sister.”

“Carries a certain notoriety.”

“How does a book change reality?”

“It's cute how you think there's a good part of town.”

Star Trek Enterprise 4x08


Archer has a hostile response to T'Pau. Joanna Cassidy shows up. The plot is cliche-riddled, the characters are unprofessional and this was boring and desperate. Surak talks to Archer. This ep was not plot critical. Archer is culturally unaware. No to this. Robert Foxworth's Vulcan acts crazy, is he really a Romulan? Hellish cirumstances unfold. Archer is not a sensitive new man, he has visceral anger.

Best Line:

“A culture that can no longer see its own immediate destruction.”

The Invaders 2x09

Summit Meeting, part 1

Aliens plan to wreck havoc at a meeting of world leaders. William Windom and Michael Rennie guest star. There are horrid decisions and judgement. David Vincent rants to an alien woman in this poo.

Castle Rock 1x07

The Queen

The broke hobo looking Alan has a tendency for confrontation. There are unwanted flashbacks and or time travel. Alan has an implacable stance. Ruth has obstinacy and babbles about her dead husband. This ep causes aggrievement. This has no thrilling moments. This ep riles. It has no weird elegance. Ruth has pensiveness. Henry's dead dad enforced family togetherness. The kid is malicious. Where is Henry's son? Where's Henry and his boundless self-regard?

Ruth makes things worse for herself than they need to be. She recalls an unpredictable past. Molly annoys. Ruth knows that Molly killed her husband. This ep was immediately forgettable with no narrative progression. Molly has no convincing sincerity. Life-determining choices are made. This is done with a grandiose tone. Young Alan Pangborn was hot. This ep does not leave you profoundly moved.

Why did Ruth stay with her crazy husband? Ruth does reality tests. Nutcase Ruth has moral anguish. Why is Ruth's shower curtain made of bubble wrap? This show's narrative strategies make no sense. I don't care about Ruth's unblinking sorrow and naive affections. There is no continious tension. There is malicious mischief, harming behaviour, inherent duplicity and Ruth is constnatly in crisis and she has constant histrionics and histrionic outbursts. Ruth shoots someone. There are disappointments of social cirumstances and a 'Carrie' homage. This ep had a strongly negative impact.

Best Line:

“What else did the internet teach you?”

Supergirl 4x09

Elseworlds Part Three

Superman isn't Superman but a baddie pretending to be Superman. Oliver and Barry endanger peoples lives! FFS! A baddie has re-written reality so he can be the hero. Kara blathers to AU Alex. There is sap and crap. Clark retires so Kara can look good. Lois is having a baby. 'Superman III' is ripped off. How did Batwoman get Oliver's phone-number? What is the baddie up to in Arkham? This was so very very BAD.

Z Nation 5x11


Citizen Z shows up. Annoying hackers are Kool and Xtreme. FFS. Sun Mei finally resurfaces as does Red. How is there internet and a mobile phone network?!? There are drones. 10K tries to murder someone but gets caught. This was boring, this show is broken. What is final mercy?

Best Line:

“We don't do help.”


The Sinner 1x05

Cora's sister was horrible. A new horrible shrill cop shows up. Cora led people to a body in the woods. Cora has ugly flashbacks to a past trauma. The cop uncovers secrets at a posh club. The shrill cop annoys. This was not good. The cop, Harry, has a bitch wife who throws him out of his own house. A guy hits another guy with a baseball bat.

Best Line:

“Women disappear around this guy.”

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