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Movie Reviews: Flight Of The Phoenix+Killer Photo+Look What's Happened To Rosemary's Baby +3 others

Flight Of The Phoenix (1965)

James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, Ernest Borgnine and George Kennedy star in this tale in which a plane crashes in the desert. One man suggests they rebuild the wreckage into a new plane. This was brilliantly terrible, deeply uninspired and insanely boring. There is no emotional caution here.

Killer Photo (2015)

AnnaLynne McCord and Mark Ghanime of 'Helix' star in this terrible tv movie. A woman (McCord) wears skyscraper heels and goes to 'work' which is never clearly defined. She is not a gentle helpmeet, she has a stalker and for some reason, there are no anti-stalking laws. The determindly cheerful husband (Ghanime) lurks. There is a twist but the acting is so bad that it has no effectiveness.

Best Line:

Who would break into our home to re-arrange photos?”

Look What's Happened To Rosemary's Baby (1976)

Stephen McHattie, Patty Duke Austin, Ruth Gordon, Tina Louise, Ray Milland and Donna Mills co-star in this unwanted tv movie sequel. Adrian grows up and his bedroom has nazi regalia and an upside down clown doll in it. Rosemary (Austin) tries to run away with Adrian in overacting fashion. This is not even of trifling interest. The intensely annoying Austin can't act.

Guy (Rosemary's actor husband) is shirtless and sweaty and cold and distant. The acitvely malicious satanists have corrosive menace. Rosemary is always looking for malevolence in motives, until she isn't. People are morally sketchy. There can be no forgiveness, ever, for what Guy did. This was not highly wrought and it has no carefully crafted mythology.

This is monotonous and unpleasant and not marvellously engrossing or mesmerising. This was uproariously daft, torpid and tripey. There is depravity as the satanists do callous taunting. Rosemary is screechy, stupid and dull and incapable and chaotic and disorganised and compelled by cirumstances. She has anxiety of otherness about Adrian. There are dark preoccupations and people are not well-intentioned.

This was banal and it had no emotioanl performances. Rosemary is irritating comapny. The vile Adrian kills people. Guy is apparently a big Hollywood star now. Did Guy want to be famous so badly that he'd throw away his private morality? There is soft focus and bad acting. Evil antichrist Adrian strikes as Rosemary bewails and is pitiable. There is no moody watchfulness. Rosemary is no better fated that she was in the orignal.

Guy kowtows to the satanists whims, all baddies seem immune to consequnces and Rosemary is unwary and is seperated from Adrian. Where did she end up? Adrian grows up into Stephen McHattie who is a punk. He ends up declared insane and locked up and ditched by those who arranged his conception but not before he fathers another demon baby. Wouldn't this one be only 1/4 demon?

Best Lines:

“She hates me.”

“Of course.”

“He's not ours.”

“I want what I say done.”

“What did I do now?”

“He'll be dealth with.”

“Hollywood ID plates.”

“Lay off all this killing talk.”


Ebbie: A Christmas Story (1995)

A tough business woman (Susan Lucci) runs a department store in this festive morality tale. There is dated tech and bad VFX as the gets the ghosts of Christmas treatment. She recalls how her vile father made her ditch her beloved kitten. Her sister takes in the kitten and then dies in childbirth – what became of the kitten? Who was the baby's father? This was sappy.

Best Line:


Darwin Conspiracy (1999)

Jason Brooks and Stacy Haiduk star in this tale of scientists working with the frozen body of a prehistoric man. DNA experiments lead to a chimp driving a car and a brain damaged man getting smart. This has desperate sincerity and is silly.

Best Lines:

“Synchronised drooling.”

“Know too much to be safe.”

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic (2013)

Good but sad.

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