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Tidelands(2018-?)1x01+TheInnocentMan(2018) 1x01&1x02+Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 1x04 + 3 others

In this Australian drama, a jailbird has a fight in jail and then goes home. There are weird deaths and a weird woman in a small oceanside town. The jailbird fights her brother. A cute cop lurks. The jailbird doesn’t feel safe or unobserved. The jailbird was locked up since she was 14 for being an arsonist. Her mother is awful. This looks like a 1990s Diet Coke commercial. The heroine is dragged out of her house, chained up and chucked in the ocean. As she panics, she realises she can breathe under water. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“I want what’s mine!”

“Hippie weirdoes from the commune?”

Debbie And Denise
This documentary series based on a John Grisham non-fiction book explores the murders of 2 women and an alleged wrongful conviction. TPTB care more about the 2 convicted murderers than the dead women. This was not good.

In Dreams
The killers confessed. One of them was a failed sports star. DNA testing changed things 12 years later. This annoyed.

Best Line:
“By his own mouth.”

Chapter Four
Sabrina has to go to the Academy For Unseen Arts. One aunt has been excommunicated. Sabrina sings and meets a guy called Nick Scratch. Harvey thinks there is a monster in the mine. Sabrina is bullied. Salem shows up. The high priest and his lipstick creeps and talks about his barren wife. Witches pass through society unnoticed.

This not tender or profound. There is no uncanny realism. Sabrina is judged and disliked. This has no lunatic flourish. This is not genuinely touching and is all portentous yawns. The bitch witches are awful and decadent and have embraced all their worst instincts. I don’t care about Sabrina’s drama of exclusion. Salem mews. The sponger Ambrose likes a guy.

Values are not universally shared. The community is unsettled. Sabrina has no unequivocal bitter enemies. The real menace dresses like a ‘Matrix’ knockoff and is increasingly brazen. There is no deep emotional bond or emotional attachment just reproaches and stupidity. Sabrina is subjected to the Harrowing. There is no moral courage. This show is a recipe for disappointment. One feels comic bemusement. A boy ghost lurks, he is one of many students bullied to death at the Academy.

There are terrible times and an unending dispute. The weird sisters are civilisational ills, revelling in running conflicts. This was not complex. Bad things befall people. There is an unrelenting insistence on dumbness. There is no psychological impact. There are indignities and this was not evocative and there are no reflective musings. My low expectations for this ep, were met. It was not ominous.

The weird sisters plan to murder Sabrina as part of their philosophical tradition that is dogmatic. Sabrina is irrepressible. Delusional people run around. There is emotional estrangement. This was imagination stunting. People cannot hide their dislike of Sabrina. This was not nuanced or interesting. This was not innovative and it had no virtuosity. Prudence one of the high sisters is the high priest’s daughter. People lie. This was unassuming. Sabrina plays with a witch’s Rubik Cube. There is tweeness and this was not enthralling.

Best Lines:
“Vicious spiteful creatures.”

“Choke you to death on your own blood!”

“A hedge witch without formal schooling!”

“Only the weak willed fall prey.”

“All 3 of them? All at once?”

“Only the dead are allowed to travel the astral plane.”

“Take it and yourself away.”

“My dear fellow.”

“What have you done now?”

“Hovel run by that lunatic trash peddler.”

The Invaders 2x08

Dark Outpost
Aliens get chickenpox. The opening credits still refer to David Vincent as an architect. When did he last work at that job? DV gurns and has no self-development. Aliens upend the social order. DV ends up on a flying saucer to forestall the subjugation of the human race. There are dated VFX and DV’s dissenting opinion.

DV has vigilance. The untapped possibilities of the aliens go on. DV harangues and spews his unpopular truth. This was not fraught, gritty or hard-hitting or unrelentingly grim. DV has absolute dedication and is on high alert for aliens. DV has his usual petulance and self-absorption. This was really terrible. The valueless aliens lurk. DV is deemed less credible and is treated with evident contempt. There is nothing tangible here, as his rigorous pursuit and social isolation go on.

This ep is populated by lunkheads. There is no wit, playfulness or charm. Aliens maraud. This was nigh unwatchable and forgettable and unintelligible with no earthiness or urban authenticity. DV has internal expectations. Aliens wear blue jumpsuits. There are potentially dangerous scenarios, which are shrugged off. Aliens have negative thought processes. DV wears a shirt that billows open.

There is no strangeness or intrigue in this superfluous ep. Idiot teenagers are failed intellectuals. They’re unsupportive of DV, who hopes the alien takeover may yet not come to pass. DV continues his acts of defiance. ’People’ are not what they purport to represent. This was overheated as DV is comically dissembling in this stultifying banal ep. DV has saintly concern. Guest stars are wooden, impassive and wholly without character. This inertia barely matters.

Aliens are brazenly conspicuous. DV rants in a psychotic and paranoid fashion. DV has an obsession with being validated. This is of no lasting value. There is an I Am Spartacus moment. Aliens pontificate. There are no intrusive moments of threat in this farce. People act irrationally. There is no depth or feeling. People are bereft in this hopeless endeavour. DV is slapped. This was not deeply troubling. There is no ferocious power. DV has a dubious future and is doomed. The profound unknowability of the aliens goes on.

Best Lines:
“And a pair of 30 dollar shoes!”

“Maybe he’s a rich crank.”

“Bust you apart!”

“Flying saucer people.”

Star Trek Enterprise 4x07

The Forge
This is a tale of Vulcan, Surak and the pretensions of Vulcans. This was not ingeniously constructed. How did this franchise become an obsession across time? There is physical peril as the United Earth Embassy on Earth is blown up. Robert Foxworth, Gary Graham and Michael Nouri guest star.

Vulcans obsess over their grand historical narrative. Vulcans fear humans. Vulcans shrug off their own history of conquest. This was not startlingly vivid. Admiral Forrest died in the bombing. There is an elasticity of morality. This was not engaging or illuminating. This was not a fascinating account.

This was not intriguing or fascinating. There is a bitter division on Vulcan. A Security Directorate guy lurks. T’Pol wears blue lipstick. Archer roars idiocies. This was not especially memorable. Archer has absolutism and certainty. This was incomprehensible. Archer loves his personal mythos and self-consciously invokes it. This was not edifying. Archer has negative capability. There are dishonest, compromises and betrayals. There is no concept of crime scene preservation in the future. This was not quietly probing. There is no self-confrontation or realisation.

Archer is a terrible person incapable of resolute choices. T’Pau lurks unseen. There are the inevitable consequences of existence. This was not oddly interesting. T’Pol has cool indifference. This show was mostly unsuccessful. There is no mortal danger. There are coffins covered in UFP flags, which doesn’t exist yet. So is that the Earth symbol and did the Earth Symbol become the UFP flag? There is no sense of lived history. There is adversity.

There is no exquisite insight. Vulcans are austere and aloof. T’Pau is unwanted and unseen. Archer has an inability to find allies and engage. Vulcans have dreadful logic. T’Pol’s husband tells her that her mother is in hiding. Naturally he is a bad man - so she can hook up with Trip. There are no acts of kindness or unasked for hospitality. Archer gets impassioned. There is no quiet introspection. Vulcans and humans disastrously intersect. This was less nuanced. There is no humility or warmth. There is a mention of the Vulcan desert, the Forge. Trip makes caustic reflections. This has no charm or value. This was not consistently entertaining or thoughtful.

Archer takes ages to put on sunglasses and a hat in the Vulcan desert. This was inconsequential. One is disinterested. A Sehlat shows up. Vulcan is fractious and polarised. T’Pol and Archer are about to kick off a transformation and an epochal shift. There are negative pronouncements and unexpected challenges. This was not emotionally charged. Archer pontificates on moral status. There is wilful disregard for logic. Archer has contempt and ignorance and wilful disregard.

Archer is not exactly greeted with open arms. T’Pol has cerebral caution. There are stated commitments which are violated in this predictable and dull ep. Nouri smiles whilst playing a Vulcan and babbling about IDIC, Katra and the unnamed Romulans. There is bad burn make-up and Archer gets Surak’s katra.

Best Lines:
“Logic saved us.”

“They don’t like the answer.”

“Work together in common cause.”

“Fertility contests.”

“We don’t share it lightly.”

“That can’t be good.”

“Vulcan genome register.”

“Electrical sandstorms.”

“They’re smaller. Slightly.”

“No place for your kind.”

“A mere shadow of its true meaning.”

“Those who marched beneath the raptor’s wing.”

Berlin Station 1x08

False Negative
Hector is in the hot seat. Things are in disarray. Daniel is an ass. Robert is Chief now. There are dire circumstances. Frost’s abominable wife is abominable. This exasperates and bores. It’s clunky and Daniel throws Hector under the bus. Frost hides in a closet. Daniel smokes shirtless. A persistent discordant note is struck. One is baffled. Nobody is wise and kind. Hector is tossed into a van. There is mumbling about an Operation file. Daniel is vile. There is no contentment. There is no grand narrative. People have a reason to feel threatened these days.

There are lies, grimy dampness, bleakness and no dignity or respect or comfort or care. People brood on the choices they have to make. This is not endlessly inventive or utterly magnificent. Hector is weary. The slutty German spy tries to be hard. Hector intones balefully. There are a myriad of grievances and moral contradictions. Hector has a grim visit. Daniel has an intent gaze. There is a fall in trust levels.

Valerie the vile woman is particularly disheartening and wilfully ignorant. There is moral abasement. Valerie has animus. Society is fissured. Julian plots. Nobody is searingly honest. Daniel is not regretful. A woman is in peril. Order is not maintained. There is no moral direction and Hector makes a claim. Mmmm. WTF?

Best Lines:
“Non-station weapons.”

“If you’re saying that to make me feel better, please don’t.”

“I have nowhere to go.”

“Career-defining opportunity.”

“Textbook avoidance techniques.”

“Consider the ramifications if you’re wrong.”

“I have diplomatic status.”

“Killing people slowly.”
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