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Book Reviews: Just After Sunset + Cape Storm

Just After Sunset by Stephen King

This is his latest collection of short stories after ‘Night Shift’, ‘Skeleton Crew’, ‘Nightmares & Dreamscapes’ and ‘Everything’s Eventual’ and it was very good.

Included in this collection are:

The Gingerbread Girl
A woman takes up running as a way to deal with grief. Running leads her into the hands of a murderer. But it may be able to save her as well. This was very good.

Harvey’s Dreams
This is an everyday tale of building dread. This was okay.

Rest Stop
A man stumbles across trouble at a remote rest stop. The question is what does he plan to do about it? This was okay.

The Things They Left Behind
A 9/11 ghost story. It’s more tasteful than it sounds.

This is the best story. It’s a creepy tale of how a field hides a portal where Lovecraftian horrors are trying to break through into our world. Anyone who comes in contact with the field comes to a bad end. This was excellent.

A man picks up a hitchhiker and vents his rage, leading to an outcome that was either expected or unexpected. This was good.

A Very Tight Place
A man is subjected to a nasty revenge attack by a deranged neighbour. He will be the victim of the perfect murder unless he can escape his terrible trap. This was good. Gross but good.


Weather Warden #8: Cape Storm by Rachel Caine

The ‘Weather Warden’ books have somewhat repetitive plots: Joanne sleeps with her crazy djinn boyfriend, saves the world from the newest limitless abyss filled with horrors and gets beaten up. Rinse and repeat. Still they are very readable.

Joanne’s on a cruise ship to stop arch fiend Bad Bob and deals with various issues along the way, like turning to the dark side. While enjoyable for the most, the weaknesses of the series are displayed fully. David is a plot contrivance. He exists only to be cryptic, sleep with Joanne and have psychotic rages. He’s tiresome. He and Joanne don’t have a relationship, they have hook ups. Joanne is selfish, she doesn’t care about her lost child only David.

This was good but the tiresome Joanne/David soap opera drags it down.
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