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Movie Review: The Magic Pill (2017)

This documentary is about the Ketogenic diet which can apparently improve your health. People switch from bad diets to the ketogenic diet and claim its high fat and low carb cures them. This is filmed in America and Australia. Why do people smear lard onto broccoli? Why is kale being cooked in inches of oil? Why are massive amounts of nuts being dropped into a blender? A kid tantrums about her changed diet. People talk conspiracy talk about the medical business. Is this true or hyper-selective fact picking? This was interesting.

Best Lines:
“Any animal unfortunate enough to be fed by us.”

“Only relevant skill I had.”

“Rescue inhaler.”

“Funeral fatigue.”

“We’re running out of those people.”

“Processed food is not natural.”


“Hard fat, solid fat.”

“Did it run on land? That’s food!”

“Typical Autism stuff.”

“Those are scrambled eggs on the floor.”

“Eating it with a fork.”

“Unshakeable faith in his own beliefs.”

“Fat bread.”

“Deeply inconvenient.”

“Insensate salads.”

“Ethical and moral meltdown.”
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