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Book Review: Feast aka Ritual

Feast aka Ritual by Graham Masterton
From the author of ‘Famine’ comes this 1988 novel which was reprinted in 2002. Charlie McLean is a sexist jackass and a bad father. He ignores his son, Martin, when he learns about a dining club called Le Reposoir, which won’t let him eat there.

Charlie becomes obsessed and angry and incapable of a responsible approach even when he learns just what La Reposoir serves and why. Le Reposoir have trenchant elitism that is faith fuelled in this not unduly impressive novel. Charlie is deliberately repugnant, has a violent propensity and is downright hectoring and prone to hostile behaviour. This is inherent ridiculousness that isn’t compelling or tense and the utterly unpleasant, dour, contentious Charlie causes bitter frustration in this farcical absolutely silly sexist pulp horror.

This could have been a better tale of a crazed cult, who think they are living a consecrated life. Kuru is mentioned as the cult validate their own personal decisions and foundation myth. The ending as the cult commits fully to their delusion is hilarious.

Best Lines:
“You’ve kidnapped my son, you’ve forced me to cut off and eat my own finger, and you have the gall to call me petulant!”

“All framed by ill-wishing associates.”

“Could never be persuaded that what they were doing was madness.”

“A certain concerted community effort.”
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