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Hawaii Five-0 4x01&4x02&4x04&4x05+Castle Rock 1x05&1x06+Z Nation 5x10+ 6 others

Aloha KeKahi I Ke We Need Each Other

Ian Anthony Dale and Henry Ian Cusick and Nestor Serrano guest star. Adam broods. Steve is macho and irate and draconian and livid at an intrusion into 5-0 HQ. Sadly in the end Kono and Adam's relationship would be a clossal heartbreaking failure as she dumped him, namely Grace Park left the show. Danno has haughty arrogance. This was not endlessly interesting. Concerning things happen. Baddies have no values or decency. Danno looks like someone who should be drinking in the streets as a bum. What happened to the NLM? Steve has more dubious involement with wrong-doing. Nobody's affable.

For some reason the NLM sell Adam and Kono's location. Wo Fat and his Rice Crispies looking burn scar rants. Steve thinks Wo Fat is his brother. This is all absurdly impossible with no nuanced judgement. Kono and Adam live in a shack in the woods.

Best Line:

“This one's still breathing, I'm taking him in for questioning.”

A'ale ma'a wau Fish Out Of Water

Kono machine-guns baddies while crime lord Adam hides. WTF? Tim Daly overacts. Oddly 5-0 aren't flying out to rescue Kono and Adam, they only do that for Steve. Danno is crass, vapid and demanding. Kono's forgotten how she ascribed malice to Adam. Danno has a profound lack of humility. Adam worries about angry retaliation. Adam worries about ramifications. 5-0 is all fixed up after being shot up. There is no tangible narrative or moral status. How did Adam go from wealthy mob boss to people trying to kill him to erase the family shame? This was not immensely entertaining.

A la la aku From This Day Forward

Kono and Adam kidnap a guy and Adam goes crime lord on his ass. This ep was ill-judged. Danno is sexist and Chin Ho is an ass to Adam and is deliberately provocative. Danno hurls insulting epithets. Why is Kono venerated? This ep is unworthy of mention.

Best Line:

“Get out of Asia.”

Kupu'eu Fallen Hero

Joe shows up like a bad smell. Kono and Adam are in peril. Chin Ho doesn't care that Adam is in peril. I HATED this.


What happened to Henry in 2016? Shawshank are still covering up the kid. Henry seems unconcerned with the fate of the nice guard. There is a Juniper Hill mention. The kid speaks and Molly gives him a place to live. It's out!

Geordie Chance shows up. The kid and his sinister demeanour is not a constructive force but instead is distressingly malicious, he ruins Geordie's family in seriously horrifying fashion by just walking into their home. This was not overwhelming inventive. The characters are impossible to love. Henry has sanctimony. There are consequential misunderstandings and Henry is adversarial and visibly irritated.

This show got reverential hype. Why? Jackie lurks and the kid is naked. There are unsettled emotions. Alan has ingrained tenacity. The warden had the kid for 27 years and he hasn't aged. There is mumbling and no comfort or security. Henry's mother, Ruth, jumps off a bridge. Where is Molly's sister? This was absolute nonsence. Jackie and the kid get high in a van. Jackie is the niece of Jack. Alan mentions a dead wife, is that Polly?

Best Lines:

“Exploding casket syndrome.”

“He asked me to trust him. God help me I did.”

“Don't think I didn't wonder.”

“Tried to axe-murder his wife and kid in a fancy ski resort.”

“Serial killers and psychopathic dogs.”


This tale of bleak devestation is about a town with a decades long history making conspiracy. Why does Alan listen to the kid who has caused nothing but negative experiences? Henry hinders everything and inflames situations. There is no emotional impact. Henry's son shows up. Nobody has inherent benevolence. Nobody does profound reflection. Molly sees things. Ruth has anguished bewilderment. What does Ruth know? Why does Henry's dead father sound like Clancy Brown? A bird falls from the sky near the kid. Molly tells Henry she killed his father. Alan creeps around a wreckers yard. Juniper Hill burns down. Alan pulls a gun and steals the dead warden's car. The kid home invades. People have made a series of unfortunate mistakes. There are weirdoes in the woods. What has the kid done to Ruth? What savage degredations has he caused now? He's avenging his historic injustice. People act ill-advisedly and aren't stalwart or upright. There are no possibilities of narrative.

Best Line:

“Other nows.”

State Of Mine

George and co fuss over zombies at a mine. There is a cyborg zombie and George is in peril. Will TPTB stop shoving George down our throats? Nobody cares! This was horrible.


Star Trek Enterprise (2001-2005) 4x03&4x04


The Enterprise is welcomed home after the Xindi and there is a vomit inducing heroes welcome. The theme song is pepped up which makes it unbearable. Archer is always making horrible decisions. They're not reaching into the cosmos. Archer does polemics. T'Pol's mother T'Les (Joanna Cassidy) lurks. There is no emotional strength. Archer is called on his crap, as he is angry with the Vulcans. T'Les wants T'Pol to marry and T'Pol does. Archer has high schools named after him. There's a bar fight. T'Pol is angry and wears ho clothes. There are no nuances. This was a load of nonsence.

Best Lines:

“Another World War 3 epic, swept all the awards.”

“My home town doesn't exist anymore.”

Klingons get their asses kicked. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga diminish the value and importance of Star Trek some more. Augments do wire-fu and wear silly clothes. Arik Soong (Brent Spiner) shows up. Pro-wrestler Big Show plays an Orion and J.G. Hertzler plays a Klingon. Genetic engineering is banned due to Khan whose name is never uttered in this ep.

30 million people died in the Eugenics Wars which were unseen when the Voyager crew visited California in 1996. Starfleet keeps a stockpile of infectious diseases and augment embryos for some reason. Soong betrays the crew and legs it. What good is a compass in space? Orions abduct crewmembers. In ‘TOS’, Orion women were called Animal Women something never fully explained. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Kept from the public for obvious reasons.”

“The first ships to colonise the solar system were nuclear powered.”

“Not quite.”

“To generally positive effect.”

“Break the rules and you will suffer! Follow the rules and you will suffer less!”

“Not even my last wife sold for that much!”

“Humanity is no longer relevant.”


The Hades Factor (2006)

Mira Sorvino, Stephen Dorff, Blair Underwood, Sophia Myles, Danny Huston, Colm Meany and Anjelica Huston star in this bio-terrorism miniseries which is so appalling, I have profound regret that I watched it. It's full of idiots, vagueness and reel bad Arabs.

Blindspot 4x05

Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree

I haven't watched this show in ages and I've no idea what is going on. Jane is evil now and Richdotcom works for the FBI now. This was not hugely emotive. People need to go and reflect on their behaviour. The unfearing Jane is committed to villainy. There is no ideological confrontation. Weller looks tubby. Wasn't Weller blonde? Nathan Darrow guest stars and closeups are not flattering to his skin. Who's the new guy Keaton? Jane wears evil eye make up. Jane's dying? Angry has gone bad. The abiding feeling is that this show has gone to the dogs.

Best Lines:

“This handsome man.”

“Lost devotion to the cause.”

“Foundational doctrine.”

“White phosphorus starts fires which can't be put out.”


“You've seen 'Cops', you know how this goes.”

“Your loyalty won't be forgotten.”


Babylon 5 2x11

All Alone In The Night

Delenn plays with crystals some more. Sheridan goes out in a starfury. Robert Foxworth guest stars. Sheridan is a reckless snot nosed punk. Delenn is kicked off a Minbari fish ship by someone smugger than her. There is terrible acting. Sheridan is carried off by aliens. Sadly he gets away. This was BAD.

Best Line:
“Voted to remove you from our presence.


Arrow 7x08


The new Green Arrow is a woman. Oliver isn't rushing to see William, he is too busy fawning over Felicity, who is deluded and calling Oliver a hero. Flashforwards show how serious intent failed again. Star City will end up a hellhole. Oliver indicates his displeasure and mentions Tommy. Felicity babytalks. Black Siren lurks.

Where’s Huntress? Oliver does an arrow-catch to show off and makes a concerted effort to annoy and court disaster. There is no dignity or honour or imperative to care. Oliver is highly hostile. People act in highly supportive functions to Oliver, who doesn’t listen. Dinah and her porno lips caused Star City to become a hellhole.

Oliver dictates how other people’s lives will be lived. Constant unhappiness and insecurity are standard. The grimmest and the stupider aspects of this show are played up. There is no pragmatic value in this. Oliver does unacceptable things and isn’t capable of being a mentor. Felicity snots. Oliver causes considerable anger and violence. Dinah hires Oliver to work in his leather for the SCPD and is smug about this.

Dinah and Oliver gloat over how they did this to spite the new mayor. Dinah and her porn star hair and porno lips needs to go. ARGUS works with Diaz. Oliver has a half-sister and she’s the new Green Arrow. Also she cannot act. The burnt wreckage of stately Queen mayor still hasn’t been demolished. This ep leaves one indifferent. Where’s the intense public debate over Oliver getting away with things?

Best Line:
“You don’t get to judge me.”

The Invaders 2x05

The Enemy
A nurse helps a dying alien (Richard Anderson) who is reverting to his real form. She’s stupid and deluded in this boring ep. This show has a propensity for gaffes.
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