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Harper’s Island Ep 12 Review


Wakefield is captured but refuses to stay locked up. No explanation is given for how he survived last time and who is in his grave. Anyway Shea continues to be the worst parent ever, people run around on the scary island, Trish summons help, Abby looks like a depressed nun and Trish wants to get it on with Henry after the massacre.

Wakefield’s accomplice is revealed after much unsubtle foreshadowing. Yes despite the red herring of Jimmy being suspected, it was Henry all along. Nobody’s surprised. Well maybe Trish when he stabs her. Poor Trish, her father was right about Henry all along. Henry remains perfectly nice and calm even when stabbing his wife to be. Did Henry really love Trish even as he literally and figuratively stabbed her in the back? This means Henry killed JD, so JD wasn't the bad brother after all. Also Wakefield kills Danny.

This was very good. But didn’t the ads promise us ‘one killer’?

Best Lines:
“We could split up.”
“Yeah, let’s make it easier for the psychopath to kill us.”

“The sheriff shot him and he fell off a cliff. Sounds pretty dead to me.”
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