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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Elseworlds' promo

Piss off Felicity, the Bat Signal and Batwoman.

‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ promo

'BrightBeam' trailer

An alien child crashlands on Earth, his adoptive family are farmers, his parents utter platitudes and the kid is evil.

Best Lines:

“One night someone listened.”

“He's not like us.”

'The ABC Murders' promo

This looks good.

'Z Nation' 5x11 promo

What is with the endless focus on George? There are drones and endless cynicism.

'Elseworlds' promo

Superman wears black and is angry.

'Law & Order: SVU' 20x05 promo


'The Sinner' promo

Jessica Biel shows off her ACTINGS.

'Les Miserbles' promo


'Black Lake' promo


'The Queen and I' promo

A Corbyn type makes the Royal Family go live on a sink estate and live like common people. HA!

Hand cut fries – okay.

Burger with homemade Korean ranch dressing, panko onion rings and dill pickles – yum.

Orange creams – okay.

I won't read 'Iron Angels'.

Who saw the 1990 'Night Of The Living Dead', 'Point Break', 'Elf', 'Maid In Manhatten', 'Die Hard With A Vengeance', 'The Madness Of King George', 'Father Of The Bride', 'Crocodile Dundee', 'Swordfish', 'Finding Nemo', 'Runaway Jury', 'The Commitments', 'Nacho Libra', 'Never Been Kissed', 'Flipper', 'Chicken Run', 'Desert Fox', 'Dunston Checks In', 'Must Love Dogs', 'Angela's Ashes', Emma','Half-Light', 'About A Boy', 'Harvey', 'Reign Of Fire', 'Just My Luck', 'Pulp Fiction', '50 First Dates', 'Vica Versa', 'War Of The Buttons' or 'Picture Perfect'?

My review of 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Vol 2' is delayed.

'Night Of The Living Deb' Quotes:

“Why are you eating a foot?”

“Pee corner.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Organised black guardism.”

“Guilt cult.”

“United in hatred of the EU.”

“Noise bomb.”

“Social reintergration.”

“Secrets and stories in their family's past that are being exposed without any preperation or forewarning.”

“Threaten your family cohesion.”

“Not all parents have full disclosure with each other regarding their past lives.”

“Any further disclosures must be done at your choosing.”

“Partake in a discussion about this intrusion into family cohesion.”

“Circle of connection.”

“Not an hour went by without some kind of disruption.”

“Sleep-deprived mania.”

“Bile salts.”

“Failed stool testing.”

“The bodies and choices of pregant women.”

“No longer has the trust of its members or the wider public.”

“Economically inactive.”

“Don’t understand their behaviour is upsetting to others.”

“Creating an assembly line in a parking lot in a tent.”

“Behaviour plan.”

“Abandoned by the school.”

“Anachronism of history.”

“Defence of innocent publication.”

“No credible explanation for the source of their funds.”

“Would not have allowed them to do so, even if they wanted to.”

“EU-impsed fixation.”

“Systematically searched and cleated.”

“Lie there still.”

“Trapped pockets of poison gas lay buried in collapsed trenches ready to be released at the first cut of the shovel.”

“Circumstances still shrouded in mystery.”

“Negatively contrasted.

'Aertel' Quote:

“Handed down generationally.”

'DenOfGeek' Quote:

“Retrospectively unloved.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“My mother disappeared for over a month.”

“Easy to give up on.”

“You gave up on me!”

“I did!”

'Katie Price: My Crazy Christmas' Quotes:

“Use your words.”

“Why are you getting your arse out?”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Ongoing risk analysis.”

“Counter rumour.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Been struck by an agricultural vehicle in suspicious circumstances.”

'Ritual' aka 'Feast' Quotes:

“Whatever it was that violent boyfriends did these days.”

“He has renounced his clothes.”

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Quotes:

“I hate you and your stupid life.”

“We'll be throwing him in the East River this afternoon.”

“Pool faeces.”

“With the fashion sense of a Canadian child.”

“I played another 'Law & Order' corpse. Face up this time!”

“Pooped out the key.”

“What are you whoring up for?”

'A Very English Scandal' Quotes:

“Isn't my chosen habitation.”

“I'm sure he meant it in a govial fashion.”

“Not particulary.”

“Plotting with alligators.”

“There is no him.”

'Wounds' Quotes:

“Before they were the Borg, the Borg were soemthing else. There's got to be a Borg homeworld somewhere. We just haven't found it yet.”

“Or maybe we did.

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“Stop crying and try to act like my son.”

“I was on hold. I heard nice music.”

“Murder builds character.”

“Suicide? 86 floors?”
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