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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Avengers: Endgame' trailer

Tony Stark monologues. Why is this plot essential? Captain America and Black Widow and Thor brood. Hawkeye shows up with a new costume and weapon and he's brooding. Ant-Man shows up, seemingly unaffected by his in-laws turning to dust.

Best Line:

“We lost.”

'Pine Gap' trailer

A US/Australia spy drama. Mmmm.

'Honest Trailers: The Meg/Deadpool'


'The Invaders' promo

They did not come in peace.

'Madam Secretary' promo

Oh come on!

Green beans - okay.

Flourless chocolate almond cake – yum.

Christmas yule log – yum.

Organic rose - yum.

What is Lousianian liqor sauce or sour and half sour pickles?

I'd try pasta from hell and phall.

Who saw 'Pump Up The Volume' or 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' or 'Almost Famous' or 'Training Day' or 'Let's Be Cops'?

I'll review 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Reckoning', 'Sherlock Holmes and The Sussex Sea-Devils' and 'The Light Between Worlds'.

'Salvation' has been axed! BOO!

'Murder On The Blackpool Express' is crap.

I want a leather tote, the Baguette 2.0, a Space NK shimmering spice candle, a Penhaligons's portraits candle in member's only, a crochet dress, a silver sequined dress and a bar spoon.

'Irish Independent' Quotes:

“Nude acts.”

“A robot in an Amazon warehouse hospitalised 24 of its human colleagues after breaking open a pressurised can of bear repellent.”

“Excessive maritime claims.”

“Ability to grab headlines.”

“Seen as a joke for years.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Moral and historical truth.”

'Ritual' aka 'Feast' Quote:

“Your offspring started making mysterious trysts with white-hooded midgets in the middle of the night.”

'War Of The Worlds' Quote:

“Across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded our planet with envious eyes and slowly, and surely drew their plans against us.”

'DenOfGeek' Quote:

“What she thinks she saw is what she really saw.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Families with difficult members.”

“Expectation to return home.”

“Hyper-vigiliant of anything said.”

“Contend with people's pity.”

“People undermine the lovely home I've created for myself.”

“Current Christmases are not spent as I might have hoped.”

“Congregational code.”

“Dominant ideological frame.”

“Cognate immodesties.”

“Moral abuse.”

“Moral effects.”

“Better mothers for the race.”

“Protect the pitch surfaces for men;”

“Questioned his sensitivity.”

“Called to defend that decision time and again,”

“Without legal permission.”

“Not to leave dustbins on the streets for fear they could be set alight.”

“Naked rampage.”

“Everyone's favourite imaginary boyfriend.”

“Taken us into other realms of suspicion.”

“Coded moments of silence and salute,”

“Foreign gradually became familiar.”

“Left over from a culture which is not ours.”

“Living apart from from modern life, speaking a dying language, ignorant of English.”

“Social media's arbitary power to name and shame without challenge can make literary value subordinate to a writer's perceived moral acceptability.”

“Despised anyone who challenged his views on literature, life and politics.”

“The conqueror was always morally right.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Cussing out random bystanders.”

'Discovering Vincent Price' Quotes:

“Your lie is so great, so infamous, that decent beings cannot believe it to be a lie.”

“You've used the most degenerate means to gain your ends.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“It was considered immoral for women to write for an audeince – or have a public voice,”

“Languished largely unread,”

“Lives were wrapped in innumerbale constraints,”

“Frogs in a well.”

“Trapped – in a both a geographic and social sense-”

“Spent almost her entire life confined to an isolated Hertforshire estate, bearing children-”

“The world watched and did nothing.”

“No one came to our rescue.”

“Sacrifice doesn't sell.”

“Reappropriate or culture.”

“Art repatriation.”

“Intercultural exchange.”

“The only people he seemed to assocaite with or bring along on his journey was a specific sort of man.”

“Bloke-run restaurants are so busy with show-off stuff.”


“Cultural dispute.”

“Unelected experts.”



“World's vilest pop group.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Unable to conform to the behaviours needed.”

“Been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.”

“Post-apcalyptic future (yes, another one).”

“Zoonotic issues.”

“People should obey those set above them.”

“Unclear whether he means this as a threat or a promise.”

'Man V Food' Quotes:

“Above described food product.”

“Really mean it.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Offering her work for free.”


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