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Arrow7x07+The Invaders 1x16/2x01&2x02+Babylon5 2x07+ZNation 5x09+Hawaii Five-0 3x22&3x23 + 1 more

The Slabside Redemption

Oliver is up to malicious purposes in jail and Diaz is heading for ruin. Oliver acts like him not being a criminal is a settled matter and he has intransigence and is guilt free about all the people he has injured and killed. Diaz bores manically. I'm utterly disbeliving at how this show has gone downhill since 1x01. Oliver has a poor-me-expression on his face in this unimportant ep. Oliver is ethically inappopriate.

Oliver is violent and believes the myth-building around himself. Why is he let out of jail? His response to everything is a vitriolic, uncivil, chaotic, immediate and complete loss of self-control. He's totally unreasonable and hurls abuse and has pompus solemnity. Diaz has no air of meance and this is not relevant. Vinnie Jones lurks and Oliver is too angry and too loud and has ego poltiics and a leaden reputation.

Oliver causes long simmering anger and carries out aggressive actions. Oliver deserves to be of severe ill-repute. Felicity just exists as Oliver's warm place to put it. He doesn't care about his son.

The Condemned

The aliens have no idea of the meaning of furtive. Aliens carry clunky looking rayguns and David Vincent looks into a telecommunications lab. He stands alone with his conscience. There are suspcious looks and fights. David Vincent has intransigence. An obvious dummy is flung off a cliff leading to David Vincent being accused of murder.

David Vincent runs around in his ever present suit. There is talk of a druggist and another stupid woman lurks. David Vincent is obessive to the point of intense religiousty about aliens. There is no veracity. David Vincent causes murmurs of recognition. Nobody is agenda free. The aliens are global menaces. This was not glorious. David Vincent demands to be taken seriously as the aliens contine their insatiable expansion. This ep is of little societal value. David Vincent has many negative traits and bad judgement. There is a lack of decency and he faces social judgement. This was ghastly.

David Vincent is vehemently annoying. There is no serious confrontation and David Vincent is a pig of a man. Men visit a titty bar and David Vincent gets a list of alien leaders which benefits him nothing.

Best Lines:

“Running out of minutes.”

“Mother planet.”

“Merely out for a stroll near the cliff.”

“I hope you're properly grateful.”

Condition: Red

Incautious idiots die and things go badly for a good samaritian. Bad stuff happens. NORAD is in peril from not entirely benvolent aliens! A coldly caculating alien wife plots. There is no terrible awe. People discuss tape reels. Dark fates await people. The aliens don't breathe air? There is imminent peril which is shrugged off. This show has perpetual problems and this ep has no social betterment.

Best Line:

“Attracted no particular attention.”

The Saucer

Anne Francis and Dabney Coleman guest star as they run around with David Vincent. This bored.

Soul Mates

This Peter David scripted epsiode is sexist as hell as Londo's 3 unwanted and unloved wives show up on B5. Londo gloats that he can divorce 2 of them. How they feel about being married to him is never ever explored. There is bad acting. Woe betide Londo as Timov and the other 2 show up. Garibaldi sneaks and there are no core politcal values. There is absurd dailogue, many deficiencies and contrivances.

Talia's ex-husband (Keith Szarabajka of 'Profit') shows up. Londo goes on drinking and derides his wives as joy-killing killjoys. Sheridan considers Talia a friend and an ally. Why? He doesn't KNOW her! Delenn asks Ivanova for help with her hair. Don't they have a hairdressers on B5? G'Kar wonders where Sinclair has gone. Londo's spectacular ascension has been noticed on the Centauri homeworld. Nobody thinks of the irreparable destruction and loss Londo has caused. G'Kar growls ominiously. Garibaldi is made of scowls.

This ep is not marvellously successful. Londo would causes the near ruin of civilization. Londo says his women spend his money. Could this ep be any more sexist and dated? Londo and his malvolent ego deserves nothing but the greatest contempt. Londo gloats, he was not the kindest of husbands, just an opportunistic tool who caused tragic consequnces, distress and anguish.

This ep causes one's frustration level to rise at this amazingly stupid ep. Where did Ivanova get the hair care products? Garibaldi's angry at Talia's ex, presumably because he is strikingly angry that there is man who had sex with Talia. This was infuriating to watch. It is neither relevant nor necessary. Londo implies one wife is a slut. Garibaldi tells Talia how to live her life. One wife nearly kills Londo. Centauri have blood types?

'King Lear' is ripped off. Garibaldi is violent and there is 90s homophobia. Nobody is concerned that Psi Corps are carrying out human experiments. Londo keeps the shrill Timov as his wife because he knows where he stands with her. The murderous wife gets away with it. So where was Timov when Londo became Emperor? Delenn makes a cramps joke. FFS.

Best Lines:

“It's not as if anyone expects you to, oh, vanish overnight under mysterious circumstances to a strange Minbari post. Why that would be unprecedented in this station's history.”

“Symbolise our mutuality.”

“What are you washing it with?”


“I can help you with the big words if you're having trouble.”

“Making new friends? Again?”

“I love you. Even if you do not.”

“Remarkably unconcerned.”

“False gratitude.”

“Made no pretence of affection.”

“False concern.”

Water Keepers

Civilisational meltdown goes on. Warren shows up. An annoying kid lurks. 10K was sick and now he isn't. More annoying women show up in this stupid ep. There is selective outage and bitter experience teaches you season 5 is terrible. Someone forments war. George makes vain demands. This is frivolous and leaves one deeply unimpressed.

Ho'opio To Take Captive

Kono whines. Chin Ho asks Kono if she trusts Adam. Kono pries. Treacherous sociopaths lurk. Kono wants to spy on Adam. There is an abductor on the loose and bad narrative structure. There is a common threat. There is no ferocious or perosnal touch in this inherently ridiclious ep. Kono doubts Adam. There is nothing but bad choices being made here. Kono's level of distrust in Adam rises.

He Melo'oihana Family Business

Steve's irritating mother takes up screentime and Adam's brother causes issues. Danno annoys. Steve's mother is mutton dressed as lamb. Kono nags Adam who keeps telling her he's getting out of the mob. Lord, Kono is a nagging cow. Kono gets shot. Adam learns Kono's been spying on him. This sucked, hard.


Berlin Station 1x07

Proof Of Life

Hector circles the drain and compares Daniel to Vin Diesel. People look for Clare. Daniel and Hector meance people. This bored. Clare dies. Hector murders someone and Daniel cops on that Hector is the leaker. This was dire and pretentious.

Best Lines:

“They don't negotiate, they decapitate.”

“Get out.”


“Sex work is legal in Germany bitch!”

“I do not speak from judgement.”

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