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Movie Reviews: A Dark Song + Post Impact + Population Zero + Starcrash

A Dark Song (2016)

A grief stricken woman holes up in a remote house and gives all her money to a screaming abusive vile occultist so they can perform a dangeorus ritual to summon an angel to ask for a favour. The very very long ritual goes on and the occultist is ever more aggressive and abusive and threatening. This Irish horror is okay. Not everything can be forgiven. Sadly the ending with the angel is ridiclious looking.

Best Lines:

“What would you do?”

“Not this.”

“Is it going to be horrible?”


“Us being noticed.”

“Damning teenagers.”

“Price of our rage.”


Post Impact (2004)

Dean Cain and Nigel Bennett star in this incoherence which sees a metor hit Earth and cause a new Ice Age. Americans were evacuated from Europe, there is a flying tank, a scrreechy woman, exposition and this was not good. Was it a failed pilot?

Best Lines:

“Hypocritical bastard!”

“Right in the middle of the Death Zone!”

“You're the only man who ever pulled a gun on me and lived!”


Population Zero (2017)

This is mumbling in this mockumentary. A triple homicide took place in Yellowstone National Park in 2009. Some Adam Driver lookalike fanices himself an autuer and makes a documetary about the apparently motiveless triple murder. Thanks to a defence lawyer arguing a technicality, the murderer walked free. There are sealed documents, nobody held to account, a loophole defence which left people profoundly furious, an unprecedented conspiracy and families who suffered irrevocable loss. As it goes on, things get creepier and darker and there are discussions of moral worthiness. This was very good but if the Adam Driver looking poser could figure out the motive, why couldn't the cops?

Best Lines:

“Population screaming for justice.”

“It's not illegal to read.”

“Random act of violnet insanity.”

“He used us all.”

“The truth was worse.”

“Beware the fury of a patient man.”


Starcrash (1978)

This 'Star Wars' knockoff is stultifyingly dull. It is full of perms and bad VFX and looks like a bad cartoon. This leaves one uninvolved.

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