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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Elseworlds’ promo

‘Captain Marvel’ trailer
She’s a Kree? A cat! Aww.

‘The Magicians’ season 4

‘Star Trek Discovery’ season 2 promo
Spock smiles?

I want an Assal X J Hunter pearls, a white gold, diamond and pearl necklace, John Lewis and Partners coupe glasses and a Gucci headband and an Esme crystal barrette, a crystal hairslide and a crystal bow comb.

What are waffle fries?

Amuse gueules.

Who saw ‘The Right Stuff’, ’Wyatt Earp’, ’Bad Taste’, ’Santa Claus: The Movie’, ‘The Big Easy’, ’Girls Don’t Cry’, ’Kids’, ’Anna And The King’, ’Chicago’, ’Falling Down’, ’Casino’, ’Krull’, ’Thoroughly Modern Millie’, ’The War At Home’, ’Prince Of Tides’, ’Body Of Evidence’, ’The Mod Squad’ or ‘Great Balls Of Fire’?

I’d try fried cheese, a ginger milk ice-cream, chocolate & Christmas pudding parfait, beer BBQ sauce, tomato gravy, Creole mustard, red chilli mayo, Italian chow mein and The Bone In The Stone.

There’s chocolate salami?

‘Man V Food’ Quotes:
“Doomsday meat parade.”

“Meat candy.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Street disorder.”

“Rather than a message he should heed.”

“Hold him responsible for the crisis.”

‘South Park’ Quote:
“Real guitars are for old people!”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Trustworthy/untrustworthy look.”

“The life they will never live.”

“The fate of whom no one knows-”

“Struggling smokestack industries.”

“Industrial blight.”

“Won this country’s wars.”

“You don’t go missing in Copenhagen.”

“Throwing hammers.”

“Completes a neighbourhood.”

“Bumpkin cousin.”

“Went to war with the state.”

“Nearr total reliance on family.”

“Initiated member.”

“Nothing to draw attention.”

“Clan feuds.”

“Any alternative authority that could not be corrupted.”

“Beaten just for stepping out of the house alone.”

“Willingly ate kale.”

“I have been erased from other people’s lives, just by not being present.”

“Cultural tenacity.”

“Every tree was an enemy.”

“Landscape of devastation.”

“Conservation concern.”

“Disables snare lines.”

“We don’t confront, we explain.”

“Wants us out of his life.”

“Celebrated the fact that I was reacting.”

“Feminocentric domesticity.”

“Seasoning the water properly.”

“Peel, chop and parboil anything peel able, choppable and parboilable.”

“Ovens often struggle when they’re rammed.”

“Christmas dinner is only a normal Sunday roast with delusions of grandeur.”

“Spoke never a word to each other.”

“Elaborate screen worlds that don’t exist.”

“War has destroyed most of civilisation (as they often do).”

“Men I’d known all my life ignored me on the street.”

“True love and preferred wife.”

“Erstwhile soulmate.”

“Pub persona.”

“Convinced of his own genius.”

“Car-park sport.”

“Happiness spells danger.”

“Fan-forward viewing experience.”


‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ Quote:
“Heaven on a stick.”

‘Man Finds Food’ Quotes:
“I would eat that on shoe!”

“Very ‘Jurassic Park’ vibe.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Still embedded in the functions and infrastructure of the state.”

“Does not leave them in a position to be trusted.”

“Shoved outside of society, away from family, banished from communities.”

“Seemed headed for history.”

“Misread the anger and frustration of voters.”

“Refuse to be discarded.”

“To be at the centre of the public scene and debate.”

“Unable to hold themselves accountable.”

“Pathological need to be relevant.”

“20 yellow vests sat in a circle to protect the flame of The Unknown Solider.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Tried pushing me into the oven.”

“Seed of satan.”

“Can’t bring him back into the house.”

“He’ll eat vomit.”

“Threw a rock at your head.”

“Attention black hole.”

“Impactful experiences.”

“Co-exist with him.”

“If you’re a golddigger, you’re not a very good one.”

“Marital dissolution.”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quote:
“You on drugs son?”

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