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Book Reviews: Watchmen The Film Companion + Marseguro

Watchmen The film Companion

This does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a guide to the movie that is packed full of self praising puff pieces and lots of glorious colour photos of the cast, costumes and sets. The large collection of colour photos are the main reason to buy this. A lot of the photos are of costumes and characters that don't feature in the final cut. Plus if you want nice photos of Nite Owl II and Ozymandias looking all broody in their high tech fetish latex outfits then this is for you.

It also has some nice background information like just how Doctor Manhattan got this six pack. Reading actor Matthew Goode's take on Ozymandias is interesting and makes you feel kind of sorry for him in the scene where he's left all alone in his high tech fortress without a friend in the world that he believes he has saved.

This is an excellent read. If you loved the film, you'll love this.

Marseguro by Edward Willett

This is the first in a series. Ignore the ugly cover art and inside you find a fascinating tale about how Earth has been overtaken by a fascist death cult due to a near apocolytic natural disaster. The distant hidden colony of Marseguro is home to refugees from the theocratic Body Purified death cult. It was founded by revered scientist Victor Hansen who created the genetically modified humans known as Selkies and he brought them to Marseguro along with unmodified humans for sanctuary. The colony has been hiding for fifty years and believes they are safe. They're wrong.

A disgruntled Marseguro resident sends a message that is picked up by the Body Purified and they dispatch a strike force to eliminate the abominations. Alongside the strike force is Victor Hansen's grandson Richard who has grown up with the Body Purified's brain washing and he believes the only way to restore the family name is to eradicate his grandfather's mistakes.

As Marseguro is attacked, a Selkie named Emily Wood sees her family and world torn apart and swears revenge on the Body Purified. Meanwhile Richard Hansen is guilt stricken by what he sees and undergoes a shift in loyalties. But the late Victor Hansen had many more secrets then even the Body Purified suspected and his deeds live on after him. Deeds that will change the lives of Emily and Richard and alter the fate of worlds.

This was an excellent read. It has action, murderous cultists, an airhead who becomes a resistance fighter and a brainwashed murderous clerk who becomes a hero. It is a fascainting universe that Willett has created and I intend to read the sequel as soon as possible. I hope that the Marseguro saga will live long.
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