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Castle Rock 1x03+Hawaii Five-0 3x10&3x13+The Invaders 1x13&1x14+Babylon 5 2x03+ 5 others

Local Color
Drug girl killed Henry’s adoptive father. She’s evil or near it. The town has a permanent sense of encroaching threat. Drug girl is authentically untrustworthy and should be condemned in perpetuity. She let Henry be the subject of lasting bitterness, resentful fury and negative assessment.

Everyone in town seems to have an acute behaviour disorder. Drug girl wants to revitalise Castle Rock. Jackie and drug girl are friends. Drug girl is the local estate agent and her named is Molly Strand. She has self-important verbosity and is a profound danger and she won’t help Henry sell his mother’s house. In the past, Henry burnt a videotape. This ep was increasingly unexceptional.

Molly dresses badly. There are creepy kids and Henry annoys. Why is Molly such a bitch to Henry? Molly rants like a lunatic and is full of toxic speech. This has no dramatic validity as Castle Rock corrodes away at peoples souls. Molly has excellent standing in the community. There is fractiousness. Why aren’t people questioning Molly’s sanity and intellectual prowess?

Molly is an awful, purposeful person. Henry smirks. The kid is creepy. Molly freaks out on live TV, oh boo you whore. This was a yawn. What malignant forces are at work?

Best Lines:
“Every revitalised downtown needs a gazebo.”

“The only thing people contemplate in this town is suicide.”

“Our dads are at Shawshank.”

Huaka’i Kula Field Trip
Steve rants about the kill zone and waves a knife in front of a bunch of Aloha Girls. Tom Arnold and Ian Anthony Dale guest star. Adam has a brother who has been in jail for 10 years and was never mentioned before. Adam wants to go legit. His brother doesn’t seem too happy and stands over them with whilst they are sleeping and he is holding Kono’s gun. Danno berates and is never polite or courteous. Adam wants the reputation of his family to improve. This ep was a calamity. Adam’s brother is ominously described.

Olelo Ho’opai’i Make Death Sentence
Daniel Baldwin and Ian Anthony Dale and Jason Scott Lee guest star. Kono and Adam sit in a bath full of UTI inducing amount of bubbles whilst surrounded by a fire hazard amount of candles. Adam is a lawyer? Kono finds her exquisite yearning for Adam tested. Adam makes anguished expressions. Chin Ho is abducted and dumped in a jail, cue fights and violence. Kono clones Adam’s phone to deep ambivalence. Kono swigs red wine out of Adam’s huge vulgar wine glasses. This wasn’t even cheerfully ludicrous. There are social woes and malign intent but no relevance or potency.

The aliens cause people to freeze to death. David Vincent continues in his misguided ambition. David Vincent plans retributive measures on an alien Typhoid Mary. He runs across hicks who can’t speak properly. A poor dog dies and a stupid woman is stupid and a flying saucer flies around. Aliens continue effortlessly insinuating into America. David Vincent has no deterrent effect - he’s embittered. There are no global repercussions or breakthrough insight. This was not a substantive imaginative effort.

Why did the stupid woman give rabid attention to the alien Typhoid Mary? There is death and negative connotations. This was not a clarifying moment. One has numb disbelief at how vacuous this ep is.

Best Line:
“Still walks unheeded.”

This was not emotionally intense as red fog kills. Peter Graves of ‘Mission Impossible’ guest stars. David Vincent is not wary or contained. Aliens brainwash people with a crystal. The aliens interfere with the moon mission. This was wholly uninteresting with no intellectual kudos or intellectual ambition. David Vincent is clenched and desperate as an air of disgrace and scandal cloak him.

David Vincent’s grim adventures and savage hate campaign against the aliens go on. TPTB do not care for characterisation. TPTB do not know how to build sympathy for the less than loveable David Vincent. This show is already a worn formula. The alien plan is not chilling in its implications.

An astronaut turns out to be an alien. There are alien items on the moon. The quest for truth is typified by tensions and duplicity. David Vincent is difficult. Nobody asks what became of the real astronaut.

Best Lines:
“Terrifying in its implications.”

“Some Section 8 case.”

“My call service.”

“Lord help us if we’re wrong.”

“Space vehicle.”

“Represent a threat to us.”

The Geometry Of Shadows
Garibaldi shows off his stick on injury scar, there is bad ADR and bad acting. Garibaldi feels being shot in the back by his own second in command demands trenchant self-examination. What became of his second in command? Londo plots, uncaring of the moral cost. Ivanova (who is caked in a dayshift stripper amount of makeup) gets a promotion and has to deal with brawling Drazi.

Sheridan now narrates the opening credits and he sounds bored. TPTB film Sheridan in holy light and give him stupid dialogue to cultivate an image. Michael Ansara guest stars as a Techno-Mage. This ep debuts the Techno-Mages who never appeared on the show again. They got more attention in the books then on the show. Londo implies Techno-Mages aren’t human.

Why do they use science to achieve the effects of magic? Ivanova’s voice is fixed at a high-pitched tone of outrage, she’s testy and combative. There are dated looking VFX. Londo is arrogant and insane. Vir is naïve and ridiculous. Sheridan is not formidable, strong-willed or reasonable. This ep performs below expectations. What are the Old Ways that Londo goes on about? This ep was an irritant.
Sheridan finally deigns to speak to Garibaldi, who wonders what connivance took Sinclair out of the job. B5 is a tense intersection.

Sheridan de-energises the show. This ep was futile. Sheridan’s smugness causes aggravation. Ivanova has no cultural sensitivity to the Drazi. There is recurrent opposition. What did the Techno-Mages get up to on Centauri Prime? Sheridan bothers the Techno-Mages in a high pitched voice. This was not culturally rich. Londo is allergic to self-improvement. There is turmoil and the Techno-Mages refer to each other as Brother, aren’t there are female members? This was muddled and ruinously stupid as people gawp comically at silly aliens.

This did not coalesce. Randomers run around doing secret and sinister things. Ivanova stimulates unresolved disputes. This has no resonance. This had a glacially undulating plot. There was no cogitating and the narrative inertia led to dithering. Collarless shirts are worn. Ivanova needs saving by a man. This Drazi ritual was never seen again. This ep was all catastrophic failings. What is a holodemon? Things adversely impact on Londo. There is no cavalcade of whimsy. Londo is warned of what is to come. He cares not.

Best Lines:
“He was right there, all the time.”

“Personal consequences will be profoundly unfortunate.”

“We know many things.”

“Used to ill-purpose.”

“There is a storm coming. A black and terrible storm.”

“Narn opera.”

“You are touched by darkness.”

“You have a destiny before you.”

Berlin Station 1x06

Just Decisions
Spies met in shielded rooms. Daniel and his woman have issues. This show has no visual flourish. This shows opportunities seem to have been squandered. People play Daniel. Hector plays nursemaid. People dissect each other’s every utterance. There are no reassuring certainties. This is not a meritocracy.

Nobody appreciates the sidekick’s existence. People are embittered and see other as transactional goods. The drag queen Julian escaped from a blacksite. Why was he in a blacksite? Daniel doesn’t notice that Hector bugged his phone. Daniel has an obvious nose job. There’s an undercover job and it’s discussed in loud voices in a bar. Clare seems dim.

There are forces of endurance. Nobody cares about Hector hanging out in a drag bar. Daniel calls Julian a monster. What did he do? People are free of sentiment. Hector crashes Clare’s undercover op. The Clare op goes completely wrong leading to a gunfight in a mall and a car chase. A rendition caused it all to go wrong, also Clare was recognised from a previous op. Hector punches a mirror because of the op collapsing in acrimony.

Best Lines:
“We sanctify the dead.”

“Tell me this is all heading somewhere.”

“Broken people tied to beds.”

“Do not show your anger.”

“Drag you down to my basement.”

“Tell whoever’s not at lunch.”

“It’s all over for you.”

Star Trek 2x24

The Ultimate Computer
Kirk is to take part in a war game where the Enterprise is run by a computer. Kirk goes on about men being men. Eyelines are off and there is no off switch and the M5 system goes out of control. People are very unpleasant with frosty stares and this was not utterly compulsive. There is waspish distaste and real and awful consequences to the social experiment. There is a dramatic escape from coherence. The M5 inventor has a nervous breakdown whilst trying to talk the M5 to death so Kirk takes over. There is terrible desperation and this was not nastily brilliant.

Best Lines:
“Make it less.”

“Galactic space.”

“Rows of fools.”

“Contrary to the laws of man and god.”

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power 1x04&1x05

Flowers For She-Ra
Where does Adora keep her sword when she’s not She-Ra? Angella recalls her dead husband. The Rebellion had a big defeat years ago that broke the Princess Alliance. Perfuma shows up as her hippy forest is under attack from the villainous galoot Hordak. Spinerella and Netossa show up. Catra’s moral slump goes on. There are shady glances and institutional disapproval and things are darkly insinuated. She-Ra has a favourable reputation amongst Perfuma’s hippies.

The Horde are imperialist conquerors with no principles or policy. The miserable truth for Shadowweaver is that she is a minion. The Horde have an unlovely history. Hordak threatens to take away Shadowweaver’s magical powers. The Horde has a holy dedication to causing trouble. Catra and Adora have a divergence in fortunes. Bow is a passionate advocate for She-Ra. Hordak is cold and implacable and has a baleful glare.

She-Ra is distinctly unmeaning. The Heart-Blossom tree that Perfuma cares for is dying thanks to the Horde. There is a furore as Adora is adventuresome and people are calculating. Perfuma fights the Horde with plants and the Heart-Blossom is saved.

Best Lines:
“Tea nook.”

“Waterfall for showering?”

“I think I killed the bed!”

“I greatly love my daughter.”

“I’m not really sure what they do do.”

“Get the war chimes!”

“Now be on your way!”

“You punched a tree.”

“Didn’t that go horribly the first time?”

“I gave you your magical power.”

The Sea Gate
Shadowweaver’s spies follow Adora. Scorpia shows up. There is bad singing. Glimmer, Adora and Bow go to recruit Mermista to the Princess Alliance, after they recruited Perfuma in the previous ep. Catra and Scorpia attack. Mermista has an IDGAF attitude and turns into a mermaid. This was not powerfully resonant. Adora and Catra’s relationship is fraught with tension. Catra has an obsessive focus on Adora. Where’s Swift Wind? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Get back to doing boat things!”

“Impressive captain yell.”

“Is that a normal thing she does?”

“We’re pretty much dead.”

Riverdale 3x04

The Midnight Club
An RPG and someone called the Gargoyle King are terrorising the small town. Adults confiscate the RPG manual yet the teens still play Griffins and Gargoyles and Mayor bans it. Adults are hyper-vigilant. Betty’s mom Alice tells a story about when she was a teenager in 1992, when Winona had Johnny. The cast play their parents.

Various characters end up in Saturday dentition. The title card changes. Anthony Michael Hall plays the 1992 principle. The much maligned FP was a football star in his day and he didn’t want to turn out like his dad. There are creepy Blossom secrets. What’s a GameLad?

Season 1 was inadequate, this is a good ep that shows the social change as the teens become friends and then not. There is an Ascension party and people got high on Fizzle Rocks. Who was behind the game and the party? Fred’s band was called Fred Heads? There was a sing song. Present day Alice drips with judgment about the past. Alice ran from the RPG and someone killed the principle. Where did the creepy red light come from? This led to a permanent and significant falling out amongst the friends and bad choices and moral risk. What’s Fresh Aid? Who’s of severe ill-repute? There are intractable issues. The game gives Jughead mental ill-health and causes an unbridgeable gulf.

Best Lines:
“Something dimly familiar about this.”

“Doped up and trespassing.”

“Oh crap girl.”

“Don’t lie to me boy!”

“Trashy bitch!”

“A bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks.”

“Death dealing nightmare”

“Classy as always.”

“Something Southside mothers teach their bastard babies?”

“He’s a scrub!”

Stealing child brides out of orphanages!”

“Free of moral reasoning.”

“Found it in the Restricted Section of the library.”

“Prevented what came next.”

“A lifetime of compromise.”

“Cliques don’t cross-pollinate, haven’t you seen ‘Heathers’?”

The Sinner 1x02
Cora has a troubled past and lies. What caused her to kill someone? She freaks out. This was okay.

Best Line:
Why’s your wife looking out the window at 3 in the morning?”
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