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Book Reviews: Bloodshift + The Dark Half + Vendetta

Bloodshift by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Vampires see killing and prolonged sadism as a protected cultural activity. A hitman shows what a manly man he is. Vampires do grandstanding threats. Killer Jesuits are moral arbiters. There is exposition in this 1980 novel, which was reprinted in 1990. There is a pervert vampire and you don’t care as the hitman’s life changes beyond measure. This was manifest bilge.

The hitman stands in opposition to the vampires in this sickening drama. There are conspiratorial stereotypes and widespread appreciation of this book’s value and function is unlikely. The society shattering premise of vampires is shrugged off as a disease. This is not disconcerting, people are savagely mistreated and the author tries for baddies with steely ruthlessness and regal munificence but unfailingly fails. This book is full of extremely dubious sexual politics and Catholic bashing.

Best Lines:
“Have there been more Stars over Bethlehem?”

“They knew the horrible future waiting for them.”

“If you get within arm’s reach of her while she is conscious, I should not expect you to live more than a few seconds.”

“We assumed they were some insane cult.”

“The Jesuits have their apologists.”

“It is our word. An old word. We are a people and that is our name.”

The Dark Half by Stephen King

Star Trek The Next Generation: Vendetta by Peter David
This 1991 novel centres on the Borg and a doomsday machine and a freed Borg drone and it badly written, badly dated and David cannot do comedy or relentlessy dark let alone in the same novel. Harm begets harm , there is a woman with vast psychological trauma and tension and another woman is self-exiled. Yet is all so badly written that it is laughable.
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