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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Riverdale’ 3x07 trailer
Archie and Jughead have an adventure. Veronica plays poker and Betty is locked up.

‘Baby’ season 1 trailer
An Italian drama. No.

Cheese & onion flavour Ripples - okay.
Gluten free dark chocolate flavour coated peanut butter bars - okay.

Who saw ‘The Big Hit’, ’Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’, ’Upstream Colour’, ’Flying High’ or ‘The Wiz’?

I want an Aspinal of London Robin scarf, Paul Smith bag, Moser purity case and No 21 Bow Mules in satin. I also want owl shaped Cannata jugs, a diamond and morganite necklace, the Seeds collection, a Chopard white-gold, diamond and pearl necklace and Assal white-gold, platinum, pearl and aquamarine earrings and Jane Sarginson rose gold, earl and zircon earrings.

I’ll review ‘Vampire Detectives’, ‘Population Zero’, ‘My Name Is Mary Sutherland’, ‘Ritual’ aka ‘Feast’, ‘Walkers’ and ‘Cthulhu 2000’.

I’d try a baked cheese and mandarin givvee.

What’s honey jalapeño, apple crisp dessert or spice rub?

Watched another old ‘Xena Warrior Princess' ep ‘Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis’ in which Xena wears a blonde wig to infiltrate the Miss Known World beauty pageant and there is moderate enjoyment and clumsy handling of the Miss Artiphys character.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Ecological restoration.”

“Turn them into normal persons.”

“Says vicar-y things.”

“Makes repeated appalled noises.”

“More conversations with headstones in the Rocky series than in all the rest of popular art combined.”

“Not outgrown its traditional power bases in more than 130 years.”

“Seen as the enemy of progress and treated with visceral distaste.”

“Proven his integrity.”

“Aren’t entirely connived that our political masters really have our best interests at heart.”

“Embrace and reward the incompetent.”

“Impressionistic trivia.”

“Civic knowledge.”

“Cultural event.”

“Macho soap opera.”

“Public airing of staff disgruntlement.”

“Had a just cause - the most powerful motive of all.”

“Defiantly celebrating their own failure to get on in the approved manner.”

“Public dispute.”

“Spills over with the sort of ancient wisdom you get only from grizzled trainers in boxing movies.”

“Covet the position for so long.”

“Acute political stress.”

“Response to criticism from opponents is increasingly hyperbolic.”

“A refuge for its defectors.”

“Sea master”

“Without becoming noticeably more nuanced.”

“Lurk miserably in brutalist tower blocks or swill from goblets in fantastically vulgar post-Romanoff mansions.”

“Blandness and unsentimental commerce.”

“The creation of fashion from the detritus of consumerism.”

“Pleasurable confinement.”

“Stir up problems for guys like them.”


“Don’t recognise their own cultural conservatism.”

“Low-maintenance cool girl whose value is determined by making men’s lives as easy as possible.”

“One of the last great icons of cinema.”

“Beaten as a pariah in the streets.”

“Radio, television and cinema were for the uneducated weak-minded.”

“School of resentment.”

“Drugs kill your ambition, unless your ambition is to do drugs.”

“You find yourself edging away from these people.”

“Triumph of justice.”

“We can destroy traditions.”

“Consequent freedom of movement.”

“Without recognising standards of excellence or exclusivity.”

“Part of people’s lives and identities both individually and as part of wider communities.”

“Untreatable forms of the disease.”

“Excellent place in the moral order.”

“Betrayed the moral specialness.”

“Rhetorical quarter.”

‘Father Ted’ Quote:
“I’m putting you on my list of enemies.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:

“Create their modernity.”

“Distrustful of emotion.”

“Cultural signifiers.”


“Victorian mail-order building.”

“Hair resembling a dead mackerel.”

‘Man V Food’ Quote:
“Dude food.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Character had been taken from her.”

“Social night out.”

‘The Black Death’ Quotes:
“The penitent and the confessor were carried together to the grave.”

“Previously inaccessible wilderness areas.”

“Major, uncontrollable urban epidemic.”

“Stroked-out gorks.”

“They met at a party; he was drunkenly punching out window panes.”

“Epidemic mavens.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Build grand monuments to his own greatness.”

“Beware of wild elephant.”

“Live a façade.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Years of blame.”

“It made him angry.”

“Beat me with a stick.”

“Dumped paint all over my momma’s tombstone.”

“Talk with respect.”

“Wants a woman who just shot you 6 times?”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Emphasis on authenticity and originality, most of these collections were jettisoned into skips.”

“Just looked like bad theatre.”

“More sinister than was probably intended.”

‘HowToSpendIt’ Quote:
“Incline devouring.”
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