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Book Review: Ghostly, part 3

Ghostly edited, illustrated and introduced by Audrey Niffenegger, part 3

A creepy man with general hostility adopts an orphan girl. People ignore ethical issues as he raises her weirdly, fails to provide comfort and so the child finds friends in this interminable and not terribly interesting story.

Best Line:
“It is not a gift to be encouraged.”

The July Ghost
There is no dignified misery in this this ghost story that isn’t satisfying, strong or interesting. This was unfair drama about a woman in a constant state of agitation and a ghost who is a divisive presence to a desolate woman. This was intrinsically bad tale of harsh experiences.

Best Line:
“She could not bear his presence in her house,”

What are otter hounds? I swear I’ve read this before. This is a tale of racism, hunting types, controlling behaviour and a pragmatic woman. This was not respectful or purposeful. A notoriously awful woman is a baleful influence even after death. This is not a notable achievement. It’s hollow.

The Open House
This creepy little ghost story had a most hilarious twist. This was excellent.

Best Lines:
“Masculine habitation.”

“An absence of mental excitement.”

The Specialist’s Hat
This is a ghastly tale of a babysitter and creepy kids.

Tiny Ghosts
Trailer trash faces ghostly misconduct. This was meticulously terrible.

The Pink House
This was an unreadable pretentious tale of a smug woman and a ghost.

Best Lines:
“Believed all non-Catholics and women who had premarital sex would burn in agonizing flames forever after death.”

“Showed my sister and me little affection, and we showed them little back.”

August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rain
By Ray Bradbury (in the original version, the day described was 28 April 1985). This is a sort of haunted house story in a post-apoc city. A house tries to maintain the life of its long dead owners, only their doomed dog remains. This has a dated view of family life and dated references to tape and film spools. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Lonely foxes and whining cats.”
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