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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrow’ 7x08 promo
Piss off Oliver.

‘Elseworlds’ promo
Something is wrong with reality. Oliver is the Flash and Barry is the Arrow. Superman seems evil, there is Killer Frost and John Wesley Shipp plays his version of the Flash from his 1990 show.

‘Supergirl’ 4x08 promo
Nia can dream the future. Brainy talks. FFS.

‘Z Nation’ 5x09 promo
What? Ghosts?

‘Emelie’ promo

Who saw ‘Challenger’, ‘Zabriskie Point’, ‘The Sheltering Sky’, ‘Little Buddha’, or ’Stealing Beauty’?

Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’!

My ‘Seaquest DSV’ fanfic lost with PC!

What is Texas Roadhouse or Olive Garden?

BBC will air ‘Dead Room’, a special ‘Upstart Crow’ and ‘The ABC Murders’ at Christmas.

A reboot of ‘GCB’!

Watched some old ‘Xena Warrior Princess’ eps (‘Ten Little Warlords’ and ‘A Solstice Carol’) which featured Xena in Callisto’s body and a flying lobster and a terrible Christmas pastiche, a donkey, the Star of Bethlehem and Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus respectively. In Anicent Greece. What was TPTB’s obsession with the show ruining mediocre white man Joxer? Why was he a vital creative point?

Best Lines:
“I was made to look like a fool!”
“Fairly simple task!”

I want a metallic slip skirt and a spotted slip dress and a feather bag.

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Land incursion.”

“Completely wrong always.”

‘Forbes’ Quote:
“Swaggers on stage like he’s just woken up from beneath a pile of newspapers.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Putting pressure on families to increase engagement with the parish.”

“Refuse admission only if the refusal is essential to maintain the ethos of the school.”

“Exercise exclusive control.”

“Severed their relationship.”

“Pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the E1:50 packet of crisps.”

“Jailed for damage to a crisp packet.”

“Must have direct access to the rest of the house.”

“Colossal PR disaster.”

“Live together with mutual respect.”

“Conflict transformation hub.”

“Natural and imprescriptible rights.”

“Social factors.”

“Functional limitations.”

“Supportive relationships.”

“Celebrated for her engineering opulence.”

“Highly critical coverage.”

“Provoked a quarrel.”

“Linguistic reformers.”

“Worship money however it is accrued.”

“Wealth addiction.”

“Rolled over like a hog in a ditch,”

“Navigational mistakes.”

“Of a serious nature, but the way in which it was responded to by the organisation did not communicate to me any appreciation of this fact,”

“Shifty in some way.”

“Patient kindness.”

“Second victim syndrome after a series of adverse events.”

“Prevailing moral climate.”

“End-organ toxicity.”

“Restorative practice.”


“Excluded from knowledge.”

“No returning to what was.”

“Tweeted scorn.”

“Besieged to starvation point by the English. The King of France ordered the residents to hold out at all costs.”

“Surrendered themselves for retribution.”

‘Fear Game’ Quotes:
“Smear sites.”

“A facial expression that was inappropriate.”

“Attack videos.”

Random undertaker quote:
Didn’t I bury all belonging to you?”

‘The Tangled Lands’ Quotes:
“The city could not be held.”

“Many lost wonders.”

‘Return To Amish’ Quote:
“I don’t like taking orders from Amish women.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Precision of the equinoxes,”

“A world that is lost and far away.”


“Gravity tipping-point.”

“His presence was tolerated.”

“Sense of state abandonment.”

“Social alarm.”

“Only allowed to leave the house alone once a week,”

“Want to believe their families are good people who love them,”

“Leave without arousing suspicion.”

“Loved to read, but had been barred from doing so.”

“Rural fumblings.”

“Shouting from behind closed doors, passionate screaming from window to yard.”

“Local decision makers.”

‘Aertel’ Quotes:
“Protected cultural activities.”

“Intangible cultural heritage.”

“A form of hurling played by women.”
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