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Castle Rock (2018-2019) 1x02+The Invaders 1x10&1x12+Z Nation 5x08+Farang (2017-?) 1x01 Reviewed

Habeas Corpus
There was no death; the nice guard was made to see things. The kid is actively trying to displease people. The opening credits debut. Did ‘It’ and ‘Needful Things’ happen in this show? It seems ‘Cujo’ and ‘The Dead Zone’ happened. There was an unnoticed suicide in 1961 and Terry O’Quinn does narration. There’s a poor dead canary.

O’Quinn’s voiceover is pretentious and there is meretricious grandiosity. This was not a grand spectacle, there is conflict and confrontation. Everywhere Henry goes, relations are proving increasingly icy. Jackie Torrance (Jane Levy of ’Don’t Breathe’ and ’The Evil Dead’) sits in a church. Is she related to Jack? Henry causes upset by his presence. What happened to Henry as a child was reputation smearing and the court of public opinion was used as proof and his good character was shredded with astonishing enthusiasm.

Henry is suffering the consequences. The kid affects people and not necessarily in a good way - he’s odd and questionable. Alan drinks Coors and says the warden told him he’d caught the devil and locked him a box. Alan KNEW! Drug woman asks for money and claims to be psychic. The kid is locked up in a cell with a Nazi. Jackie spews gossip. What does unincorporate mean? What compelling legal reason does Henry have to lurk in the dream-crushing town?

What is up with drug girl? The town is purely horrible. Henry gets into the prison via a church group. The Nazi dies mysteriously. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I wasn’t the one people needed to worry about.”

“It’s not luck, it’s a plan. And not god’s either.”

“Every inch is stained with someone’s sin.”

“They burned Nan out.”

“Those terrible things we did.”

“The Percocet from my root canal just stole itself?”

“So that you don’t burn it down and die in the gutter.”

“Literally no longer on the map.”

“Kids used to dress up like you for Halloween.”

“By bye Pastor Deaver.”

“Evil outlasts us all.”

“I say who comes in and out of this house.”

“You are on every kind of list.”

“Never again let me see the light of day.”

The Innocent
Where is 1x09? The aliens’ intercession goes on. Michael Rennie guest stars. David Vincent searches Stephen King country for a man. The aliens claim to be here to save us from a carbon-intensive lifestyle. David Vincent leads the battle for possession of the Earth and somehow ends up on a military base. The plot makes no sense. The negative effects of the aliens go on.

David Vincent sees himself as a duty bearer and is angry. What is the absolute necessity of this ep? David Vincent roars about bearing a heavy burden of responsibility. He has no popular respect or support, he just has antagonism. One abhors David Vincent. This ep was faltering. This leaves you terminally bored. There are no cheerful matters. David Vincent is seen as an embarrassing feature of life.

David Vincent has trenchant resolve and looks ridiculous and is ridiculous in his determination. This ep is mortifyingly stupid. David Vincent congratulates himself on the wisdom of his choices. This turns into nothing. There is no sense of insecurity. David Vincent is surrounded by enemies and is very paranoid. People live in fear and are not living a proper life.

People do things for no particular reason. The aliens try corrective measures on David Vincent. This was dismal. David Vincent is handed over to the aliens. This ep is not of vital importance. David Vincent does barbed complaints and is unpleasant and has discontents and bristles and is not a striver, just a prowling ranter.

Rennie plays an alien. Things are not increasingly tense. There is a sharp disconnect from sense. There is an alien ship. The aliens are serial fabricators. There is no trepidation or defiance. There is a conflict situation, tension does not escalate, David Vincent hallucinates an alien town and is maladaptive and has escalating complaints and the aliens do cumulative provocations.

Why don’t they kill David Vincent? There is a boring confluence of events. Things are potentially very serious but still dull. There are harsh measures. The aliens impact negatively on David Vincent and they try to stage a drunk driving accident. David Vincent is not liked.

Best Lines:
“In a decaying lobster port in Maine, David Vincent searches for a man who has seen the invaders.”

“Town drunk! The town bum!”

“Our star witness had just discredited himself.”

Where is 1x11? A hurricane violates the laws of nature and David Vincent is made to drink evil water. WTF? There’s a priest who beats up David Vincent. The aliens have a idiot plot. This was not a lurid romp and the idiocy factor was high in this obviously inconsequential ep in which the aliens lack chilling villainy.

Addy forgets that 10k grew up in the woods with a survalist father. Who’s planting fields? What are the gang eating? Where are they getting ammo? Where is food coming from? Where are Red and Sun Mei? I’ve reduced interest in season 5. One feels a pervasive, negative association with this season. Pandora lurks. There is stupidity and the gang struggle with happiness and the zombies are ruthless perpetrators of violence.

What about Warren’s boyfriend? Addy is not wanted, George is profoundly devastated and distraught about Dante, there is bad acting and why do people care abut talkers after the ruinous overthrow of civilization? Who cares about Dante? Addy is a dissenting voice. Oh piss off Addy. I don’t care about George’s unattainable ideal, the cultural chasm between talkers and people, people extolling the virtues of George or Addy’s current discontents.

Season 5 has endemic problems. The narrative material bores. What is the controlling organisation behind the chaos? Who is the guy Addy is bothering? There is no considerate communication. Addy’s a twit who’s totally unreasonable. This ep was a failure. I don’t care about despicable Addy’s fierce resentment. 10k is sick and Doc is shot with an arrow and I wish Addy would piss off.

Best Lines:
“We only used the internet for ordering guns.”

“Goodbye whoever the rest of you are.”

“Goat rodeo.”

“This world belongs to the dead now.”

“I forget. I think they ate that part.”

Farang (2017-?) 1x01
A Swedish TV show about a criminal who has fled to Thailand. His daughter, Thyra, comes to find him and circumstances close upon them both. He’s an awful awful man. A local man scams dumb tourist women into unwittingly carrying drugs. Thyra wanders dumbly. An old woman lurks. The criminal gets local drug dealer Fabian and his daughter arrested. FFS!
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