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Movie Review: Beneath (2013)

Jeff Fahey stars in this ‘horror’ in which miners end up in a desperate position. The miners dig too deep, there is a cave in and a monochrome aesthetic. This was badly lit and a woman pays a terrible price for defying expectations. She’s a coal miner’s daughter who went down the mine on a dare, due to people’s judgements about her.

The miners go to rescue chambers and have hysterical overreactions and are perturbed and difficult and engage in allocation of blame while shrouded in fear. There are extensive constraints and Fahey tries to impart discipline. This meets with the reputation it deserves.

This was a letdown as repellent characters face a malign influence down the pit/conflict zone. There is bad acting and the requisite drama bores. An old mining accident is recalled and doubt is fuelled by mean contrivances.

Best Lines:
“You broke the mountain!”

“Stay out here and die for all I care!”

“God damn you to hell woman!”
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