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Book Review: Ghostly, part 2

Ghostly edited, illustrated and introduced by Audrey Niffenegger, part 2

The Beckoning Fair One
By Oliver Onions, this is an alleged ‘classic’ I’ve never read before. This has no cult allure just sexism as a man toiling in writerly absurdity is either haunted or has a breakdown with manic thoroughness, which leads to unspeakably bad form in this substandard tale.

Best Lines:
“It had a tenant other than himself.”


The Mezzotint
By M.R. James. This is an okay tale of an engraving that shows the past is a fearful place. This tale is dated as it is full of old values, perceived respectability and classisim.

Best Lines:
“An indifferent mezzotint is, perhaps, the worst form of engraving known.”

“Nothing could be more alien to his practice than to be found sitting on his master’s chair, or appearing to take any particular notice of his master’s furniture or pictures.”

“Squires could do a lot of things then that they daren’t think of now.”

Honeysuckle Cottage
This sexist tale is by P.G. Wodehouse. A deceased female writer is mocked. There is rampant sexism and mocking of women’s tastes and presence. A sweet hearted girl and marriage and wives are mocked. This was horrendous misogyny.

Best Lines:
“Trapped in the den of the mysterious leper.”

“Surely she said, there were enough squinting blackmailers in the world without writing about them.”

“To allow no girls to appear in his stories. Sinister landladies, yes, and naturally any amount of adventuresses with foreign accents.”

Click-Clack The Rattlebag
By Neil Gaiman. This is a good very short tale of a monster and the illusionary of choices.

Best Line:
“The front door is very slammy.”

By Rudyard Kipling. This badly written tale has causal racism, purple prose, classism, inept medical care and an obvious twist which leaves a woman unable to leave up to a man’s perception of her. This is a tired tale of vast carelessness and alarmingly eccentric social connotations.

Best Lines:
“Not a pleasant-mannered community.”

“Not as a menial should lift his eyes to his divinely appointed superior.”


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