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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Fly II’ (1989) trailer

Mixed Spanish olives with creamy Manchego - okay.

I want a Bulgari serpenti cocktail clutch, Piaget Mediterranean garden earrings, Erickson Beamon hairpiece and a Chopard L’Heure du Diamant watch and I also want Jaeger-Le Coulthe rose-gold and diamond 101 and Feuille and Chopard rose-gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl Happy Diamonds on satin strap watches. I also want Graff gold and yellow-diamond watch, Harry Winston white-gold and diamond mind twist, Chaumet stainless-steel and diamond Hortensia Eden with lacquer dial and a Piaget white-gold diamond, emerald and mother-of-pearl Emerald Star watches. I want a Chanel white-gold and diamond vol suspendu, a Van Cleef & Arepels platinum and diamond snowflake Fleurette watch. I want an aquamarine and diamond pendant and bevel-cut coupe glasses and a diamond, morganite and green amethyst necklace and a Jo Loves Christmas Tree candle. I also want a Lina Ballerina clip, a customised locket, an Enamel heart bracelet, an Anahata opal, diamond & rose quartz ring & sophie diamond earrings and Couer Diamant necklace and Happy Hearts tiger eye bracelet and a Villenet women ultra slim rubies and diamonds limited edition watch and candy cocktail rings and a Palmer Harding shirt.

I’d try a chocolate truffle filled brioche and potato sticks and the Puerto Rican sleeping cow and a fried onion burger and a smoked hamburger and BBQ hamburgers and a dark chocolate orange stolen wreath or a cranberry burst turkey parcel and stuffed grape leaves and pickled walnuts and custard tart with smoked caramel.

What is an animal communicator?

You can get your own wallpaper printed?

What is beef powder or coconut vinegar or long pepper?

What is a serviced apartment?

There’s a world tolerance summit?

Who saw ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, ‘Little Man Tate’, ‘Jack Frost’, ’The Glimmer Man’, ’Tara Road’, ’Traffic’, ’Last Tango In Paris’, ’The Last Emperor’, ’America’s Sweethearts’, ’The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana’, ’Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure’, ’I Married A Princess’, ’Fool’s Gold’, ’The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw’, ’The Fly II’, ’Legend’ ’Two Weeks Notice’, ’Gallipoli’ or ‘Wedding Crashers’?

Read a ‘Hollyoaks’ spoiler, it involves Ste (naturally). Why does EVERYTHING revolve around Ste?!?

What do the pre-Neolithic tribe of North Sentinel Island think of the outside world?

‘Man V Food’ Quotes:
“For mountain appetites.”

“Street man.”

“Competitive BBQ circuit.”

‘HowToSpendIt’ Quotes:
“The leisured classes were supposed to have little to concern themselves with the minutes and hours of the day.”

“Refined 1920s jewellery.”

“Ingredient restrictions.”

“Commercial mediocrity.”

“That’s the way the old-timers did it.”


‘Colin Murphy’s Panic Room’ Quotes:
“Deeply opposed world views.”

“Some right nutters.”

“Willing to die for their country but more likely to make other people die for theirs.”

“High-tension international clashes.”

“Grab my poo bucket.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Can linger around a family name for generations.”

“Not legally present.”

“Modified atmosphere packs.”

“Loads of sleazy businessmen leaving their rooms at weird times of day.”

“Reeked of perfume.”

“Degrees of rottenness.”

“Spouse and intern events.”

“Marriage made her feel as though someone had put her in a box, closed the lid and sat on it.”

“Locked into a life they don’t want,”


“Beacon of decency.”

“A London concept.”

“Blatant critical misreading.”

“Dated comestibles.”

“When such things, even for the middle class, belonged largely in the past.”

“In ways that today would probably get them taken into care.”

“Mouth-breathing agri-yobs.”

“Impregnate their gormless girlfriends and there’ll be an IQ spiral until it’ll be impossible to distinguish between rural people and the potatoes they grow.”

“Standing around in a municipal shrubbery, drooling.”

“Change. We don’t like it. We have all picked a moment in history where we thought everything was ok - usually around 1867 - and we want everything to stay like that for ever.”

“Students of good character.”

“Shell of reality.”

“Small celebrity pool.”


“Philosophical kitchen reveries.”

“A recent past that never happened.”

“Absence diminishes mediocre passions and magnifies great ones.”

“They were never forgiven.”

“Be apart from someone in order to realise how much they give you each day.”

“The sound of rubbish trucks playing honky-tonk outside my window at 4am,”

“I was used to walking down the street and having my clothes ripped off.”

“Old homelands.”

“Imported carer-wives.”

“Unions within extended families also protect jointly held land and wealth.”

“Devastating psychological schisms within individuals and households."

“Lovely things were promised.”

“Few refugees for such men. A number have to beg to allowed back.”

“No one likes a pretty girl who expects big things to happen to her.”

“No sorrys.”

“Watching too much of a certain kind of TV.”

“Obsessive about never being quoted directly.”

“The argument bizarrely continued in the lavatories when they encountered each other over the urinals.”

“Most unemployable person in the whole country.”

“Functionally extinct.”

“Falsely reporting that he had stolen his parents’ pension.”

“A change to see the old-growth forest dating from the time Christopher Columbus first set eyes on the Caymans.”

“Food served at a certain kind of restaurant.”

“Would make his decision, but then not bother to inform me.”

“Outrage we sometimes provoked.”

“Transvestite prostitutes would be hanging out.”

“Upper echelons of Paris society.”

“Would go on to marry rich men with double-barrelled names and live in a chateau.”

“They couldn’t let jewels worth E100,000 out of their sight.”

‘A History Of Christianity’ Quote:
“Only 4 bishops were not in prison.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Alert the landlord to their existence.”

“Don’t ask for anything.”

“Kips of flats.”


“Not being able to see the end of one’s state as a housemate.”

“Forced house sharing.”

Accuse him of elitism and indifference.”


“Make themselves poor.”

‘Louis Theroux’s Altered States’ Quote:
“This place is grim.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Kicked out of private school, military school.”

“Incorrigible and unteachable.”

“Showing up drunk at 5am.”

“Not allowed to live at my house.”

“Cannot have him in our house.”

“Trying to fight me in the front yard.”

“Call the police on me a lot.”

“Destroyed furniture, mattress, walls,”

“Violated a cadet’s pillow.”

“Drunk and belligerent.”

“Kicking her stepfather in the face.”

“Me and her on the ground rolling around fighting.”

“Distinction without a difference.”

‘The Cut’ Quotes:
“Every object seems to have been chosen and placed after much deliberation.”

“Too short and slutty.”

“My voice isn’t needed.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Cost containment.”

‘Nationwide’ Quote:
“Mountain bogs.”

Channel 4 News’ Quote:
“Great compromise on fish.”

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