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Scary movie trailers and more

Avatar trailer
Is it just me? This looks like a stupid cartoon.

Outbreak on a Plane trailer
Zombies at 30,000 feet! This looks like campy cheese.

Alice in Wonderland trailer
Tim Burton does Lewis Carroll. Words fail me. This looks okay except for Johnny Depp camping it up again.

Case 39 trailer
A social worker meets a creepy kid and is warned: "People die around her." She doesn't listen. This looks creepy and co-stars Ian McShane and Bradley Cooper.

Marsequro book trailer
The book is better than this trailer really.

Supernatural Season 5 promo
Sounds like hell indeed.

Carriers trailer
Chris Pine vs Bird Flu! This looks good and gross. "The sick are already dead." I'll be catching this one.

Zombieland trailer
Zombies! Comedy! Didn't 'Shaun of the Dead' do this already? Still, this looks hilarious fun.

A Perfect Getaway
This looks like an travel ad for Hawaii. Who are the killers and who are just meth junkies?

The Prisoner remake promo
I got bored two minutes into this.

Triangle trailer
No thank you.
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