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Movie Reviews: Roadside +Statute Of Limitations +Lost In The Bermuda Triangle +The Survivalist

Roadside (2013)
An idiot couple are menaced by a loony on an isolated road. There is sexism and bad acting as people park and bark. The husband is a cheater and a tool. Who is the unscrupulous man harassing them? Oh who cares? The husband is not caring. One feels no wave of compassion for them. This is unintentional comedy that is not high intensity or efficient.

The attacker acts in an unfair and irrational manner. What is his impersonal objective? What social purpose is this for? There is no dispute resolution or deep unease. There is a downer ending. This was not gloriously emotional and there are errors of reckoning.

Best Line:
“You reek of fear.”

Statute Of Limitations (2015)
Ashley Scott and Louis Mandylor face off in this tale of lawless terror. A man does 22 years in jail for a crime he committed with his girlfriend. She got away scott free. Now he’s out and wants REVENGE. There are bad fillers, a bad goatee, wild denunciations, bad acting, tyrannical misconduct and people are friendly until it is expedient not to be. There is a moral threat, calculating reason, no serious thinking, irreconcilable positions, no relentless fascination and a false sense of foreshadowed tragedy.

There is persistent recalcitrance and dark anxiety, a stupid slutty daughter is stupid and has uneasy thoughts. This was dumb and not an unsettling experience and it isn’t even mildly diverting.

Lost In The Bermuda Triangle (1998)
A man loses his wife at sea. This was dumb.

Best Line:
“You always bother strange men in bars?”

The Survivalist (2015)
An utterly bleak vision of post-apoc life. The last man on Earth opens his door to find a mother and daughter wanting food. This bored.
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