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Book Review: Drawn Up From Deep Places, part 2

Drawn Up From Deep Places by Gemma Files, part 2

A tale of a selkie and a cursed sea captain, both of whom elicit little sympathy as they are not of reputable standing. This was okay.

Best Line:
“We cannot be trusted even by those who love us.”

Sown From Salt
A western in which an incredibly dangerous man travels from town to town being responsible for misfortunes and acting like a biblical martyr. This was awfulness.

Best Line:
“Falling away to ruin.”

Two Captains
A prequel to ‘Trap-Weed’, this is a tale of piracy, magic, rage, terrible mistakes, men forcing relations to deteriorate, the inevitable herald of doom and moments of far greater consequences than anyone will admit to their detriment. There are offences against decency, furious reactions, threats offered darkly and people adversely affected by the lack of awareness of the fragility of their relationship. This has no epic qualities but is told with pagan relish.

Best Lines:
“The one boundary all magicals fear to cross.”

“He hates you bad, now an’ forever.”

“Hell-born powers.”
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