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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 4x07 promo

‘Arrow’ 7x07 promo
Diaz breaks into a prison. Oliver and his beard annoy. He looks like Jesus and probably smells like Lazarus.

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Another serial killer and Ste and Xmas. Yawn.

Best Line:

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ promo ‘Tapestry’

Best Line:
“The evil Q!”

‘Babylon 5’ promo ‘Eyes’

‘Z Nation’ promo
Pandora’s back.

German peppered salami - yum.
Feta stuffed red hot chillies - yum.
Feta stuffed green & red chillies - yum.
Mint fondant creams - good.

I won’t read ‘You Should Have Known’.

‘Mr Mercedes’ has been renewed again?!?

Who saw ‘Stepmom’, ’What Dreams May Come’, ’Vanilla Sky’, ’The Rapture’, ’Sleeper’ (1973), ‘Dying Young’, ’Death to Smoochy’, ’Malibu Shores’ or ‘Hook’?

Saw footage of an old pub that has a cat ornament that I loved, I recall it being gold but it has now turned black!

‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Quote:
“Needs his efforts and congratulated.”

‘Poisoning America’ Quotes:

“Devil’s piss.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Growing rejection of scientific expertise.”

“That was the space I wanted to be in.”

“More rational debate.”

“Voiced concern.”

“Demand dynamic.”

“Anti-boycott laws.”

“Terrible cohesion.”

“Habitation tax.”

“A savant of manipulation who can bend all wills to her perspective.”

“Could not stop me from doing this.”

“Legal threat.”

“I am merely a hysterical mother.”

“Woman with literacy issues was being deprived of her medication by relatives.”

“Information in non-legible form that is capable of being converted into legible form.”

“Not yours for life.”

“An interloper sitting in her place.”

“A society that still defined educational achievement.”


“It is impossible for a Frenchman to open his mouth without making another Frenchman hate him.”

“He doesn’t like lower class people.”

‘Tin Star’ Quotes:
“Dead duck in a plastic bag.”

“Stakeholder relations.”

“Signed a documented discrediting me.”

‘Special Unit 2’ Quotes:
“You’re real confidence inspiring.”

“Flock of harlots and tramps.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quote:
“Nor can there be any regular food deliveries for the President: he is protected from potential poisoning by having a team of grocery shoppers who make anonymous food runs to different stories, never revealing who they’re buying for.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Nature corridor.”

“Climate collapse.”

‘Nationwide’ Quote:
“Natural body care products.”

‘Creedon’s Road Less Travelled’ Quotes:
“A revered man.”

“Droppings are to be removed.”

“Gave up his right to be buried here.”

‘Katherine Swynford’ Quote:
“Could not rely on the fealty of subsequent generations.”

“Unspeakable concubine.”

“Cultural atmosphere.”

“The stench from which was so appalling that scarcely anyone dare to walk beside them.”

‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ Quotes:
“Much diminished at court.”

“A woman travelling too slowly towards her death.”

“Neither of us can be sure that we have won or lost until the other is dead and in the ground.”

“The King was an object of terror now in every abbey and monestary in the land.”


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