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Salvation 2x08-2x13+ Supergirl 4x05+Babylon 5 1x16+The Invaders 1x03+Tin Star (2017-?) 1x01 Reviewed

Abra Sus Ojos
This was jolly banality and an unsentimental evocation that is emotionally absent. Grace interrogates Fiona. This was perfunctory and pointless. Jillian’s inherent niceness runs out. There is no social critique. Darius in make-up pretends to be a Peruvian scientist. Liam is gormless and enfeebled and graceless. This was barmy. There is dark connectivity.

This is not wonderfully authentic. Fiona’s death is faked. There is no intimate or complex heavy pauses or telling detail or a brooding atmosphere. Harris waves a gun. Darius has invented a self-repairing spray. Liam is done with Re/Syst. Why haven’t the baddies killed Harris and Grace? Harris babbles about Q17. The railgun can’t shutdown. Liam fistfights Croft. Cultists are after Jillian. There is a mission of violence, alarm and need, complete distain, misery inflicted, damaged trust and friendships and Re/Syst fancies itself a rising power displacing the incumbent.

Liam is all inadequacy. Croft is shot. Again. There are new layers are complication. Jillian is open to suggestion and pressure. There are failed promises, emergent obsessions and Darius reveals himself. Darius is notoriously indiscreet. Harris is tranquil. Nobody listens to Grace and Harris. Darius won’t apologise. He’s a ranting lunatic. Darius has a secret identity and notorious difficult in being normal.
Grace is sad forever. Darius finally admits Liam was right. Darius is unmasked and he demands unconditional praise and sees Re/Syst as a direct threat and expects Liam’s acquiescence. Darius does unjustified things at the slightest provocation. Fiona is hauled off.

When did the railgun get built? Why didn’t the honeypot shoot Liam? The railgun fires. The ICMB is taken out. Why is no other country but the US trying to destroy the meteor?

Darius acts incautiously. The honeypot runs. Darius swans into the White House. This was a bitter disappointment. Where is the rest of the White House staff? Darius is an otherworldly saviour is in his own mind. Darius shoos Harris out of the Oval Office so he can shag Grace and her adoring gaze. She has a bottomless zeal to be a whore. This was not powerful or stunningly strange.

Best Lines:
“A chair practically thrown at them by the President Of The United States.”

“My bad choices.”
“For which you blame me.”

“Elaborate Darius plan?”

“You started all of this.”

“Spent the rest of your life in a very unpleasant place.”

“Private CIA.”

“Assassinate a couple of Presidents.”

“Scope of this thing is massive.”

“She wasn’t yours to kill.”

The Manchurian Candidate
There is no immediacy or lethal competence. God’s wrath is still coming. Grace and Darius boast about doing it on the desk of the Oval Office. FFS. Eeew. Why isn’t Tanz a crime scene? Liam got away with his Re/Syst crap? Liam restored Tess who he deleted back in 2x08. FFS. Liam wants Jillian back.

Liam claims to have been brainwashed. Darius’ uncle founded Q17. Darius wants to pardon Grace’s father. There’s no VP. Darius wants to quit. There is a dreadful, implacable, impending enemy (John Noble). Darius has bleak glee. There’s a culture of power imbalance. People are sick of Darius’ crap. Grace looks up the cop with Harris. Noble does an accent that makes him sound like he’s choking on tripe.

There are no sane responses. This was barmy. Grace is preposterously flaky. The cop punches Harris in the face. Nobody finds the oncoming meteor bloody terrifying. Gaeta from ‘Battlestar Galactica’ shows up as a VP candidate. He’s aged. Darius is an abject failure. Darius isn’t into facile pleasantries. This was not meaningful. There are no well-intentioned endeavours. Liam has utter contempt for the cult. This ep was arduous. Nobody has the fortitude to commit to anything. There is no creative spirit.

There is another shirtless Harris pic. Harris is doleful. Grace has no ambivalence. Harris isn’t to be VP. Darius has ideological ambiguity and him as POTUS is a heinous travesty. The cop and Harris see Grace and Darius making out, the audacity of the slut. There is no honest authenticity in this ep. Grace wears special contact lenses. Noble is weasely. Harris is soberingly serious.

Why is Darius the world’s favourite authority? People bemoan Darius. The cop wears special contacts too. Harris is not at the party. There is epic procrastination, this is not sublimely realised. There is reckless stupidity, darker instincts and no existential angst. There is no bloody brutal reality, moral guidance or emotional comfort. Where is Zoë? This ep does little to satisfy. There is no essential decency or thoughtfulness.

Noble has vitriolic impertinence. Darius is always motivated by revenge and jealously and lacks charm and wit. Noble is more than a fusty eccentric. Darius deserves eternal damnation for unrepented wrongs. There’s world weariness, repetitive exposition, morose darkness and bombast. There is no heightened poignancy. This ep has no duty to entertain. Comeuppance is not a-coming for Darius. He picks his VP.

There is no moral weight or substance. Noble is easily pleased. This was deeply significant. What dastardly scheme is Noble up to? He’s not quietly intense. Why is this show built around Darius’ character? Darius has a self-indulgent fascination with himself. Darius is told some truths: he was made POTUS by Noble, who has gleeful contempt for him. This ep is irredeemably lazy and lacks melodramatic intensity. Darius is ablaze with fervour and self-belief.

There is no thrilling reality or nuance. Just false and malicious lies. Darius is told not to pardon Grace’s dad. There is social debate about credibility. Dark forces lurk and it’s a grave situation. Darius has a negative attitude and is totally irresponsible and reckless. There are darkest warnings and people express discontent. It’s a turbulent time. Harris is in full dramatic mode. Hollow eyed rich men lurk. The cult is led by a moon eyed hippy - or is he?

Grace’s sole desire is to please Darius, she’s remarkably tacky. Darius is disobliging and lies and has malevolent anticipation and takes ludicrous joy in being un-statesman like. He’s always behaved irrecusably and had intellectual disinterest. Liam is outright dismissive of cultish quackery. Jillian is uneasy, distant, unfulfilled and impatient.

Best Lines:
“His Billionaire Boy’s Club.”

“Your idea is a disastrous one.”

“Still a big ass space rock coming toward us.”

“Dark money.”

“Dark forces here on Earth.”

“Another billionaire with an agenda.”

“You self-indulgent prick.”

“Unburdening box.”

“Place of decency.”

“No way to hack that.”

“Save democracy.”

“Such vile human beings.”

“We put you here. You belong to us.”

“Destroy you and their filthy cabal.”

“Low opinion of my character.”

“You just assaulted the Secretary Of Defence in a bar full of witnesses.”

Grace lavishes praise on Darius. The honeypot is arrested. The solar sail is finally launched. Given the events of 2x13, what became of it and the gravity tractor and EM drive? Does Harris ever rotate off work? Grace basks in her tremendous privilege. Darius thinks he’s unimpeachable. Nobody is serious or emphatic. Grace isn’t warm, unthreatening, appropriate or approachable. Harris was mercilessly criticised and Grace still hasn’t apologised. Zoë is not joyful or confident.

This was not evocative. Nobody is encouraging. Where are the rest of Re/Syst? There are dashed dreams and Darius wants to break the law. He wants numbed and servile formality. Nobody is happy. Harris is purposeful. This was a soaring achievement. There are no cruel nuances. Darius sees himself as a driven idealist with a forceful intellect. Harris was shamefully ignored and sidelined. Serious harm is done as Darius excoriates.

Liam is misinformed, vulgar and reductive. He’s not perceptive or measured. There is no determination, talent, creative imagination or intelligence. Darius has moral annoyance and no vitality. There is no cumulative drama and no charm or joie de vivre. Darius thinks he’s brilliant, brash and driven. Noble launches savage and unrelenting attacks. Grace’s dad is shanked in jail. Grace is perturbed and has anguish. Her needs and desires come first.

Grace makes demands. Lies are made truer than the truth and ominous facts are shrugged off. Darius dines out on stories. He’s extraordinarily malicious and foul. Things go ludicrously. There is deception and malice. This was not horribly convincing. The honeypot is not in jail. There is sadistic misrepresentation. Darius is cruel and proudly duplicitous. There is cheerlessness, emotional trauma and there is an impossibility of love. Friends are scarce. Grace is cloying in this dull and frustratingly slow ep.

People are intent on evil and this was not drolly enjoyable. This was colourless and generic. There is no snap or freshness just lurid theatricality. There are dreadful things and terrible deeds in this infuriating ep. Darius is egomaniacal. This was unpromising and a shambolic disaster. The narrative arc is unclear. Darius is downright nasty and not just banaly brutal. There is ominous foreshadowing and a turbulent world.

Jillian lurks. Zoë won’t go. Things get existentially bleak. Zoë reveals she is pregnant by Dylan. There are no complex damaged characters. This was fanciful, weak, mediocre and malign. People have a willingness to employ extreme cruelty. There is no inherent drama. Liam’s grandiose. This was frustrating and not poignant. Personalities shift. Zoë wanders off with Jillian. There are calamites and Darius is painfully unqualified to be POTUS.

There are simmering resentments and a jaded view of human nature. There is constant negativity. Who’s paying the Tanz staff? Darius can’t own it anymore, he’s POTUS! Darius finally acknowledges that people exist outside the USA.

Best Lines:
“Your family’s blood feud.”

“Mirror monitoring.”

“Best launch window.”

“Steal all of it.”

Celebration Day
The railgun fires. There is a suicide. What’s CNU? Darius cares about brand configuration. Grace treats Zoë in a quasi-obsessive manner. There is no relentless curiosity. Grace is anxiety driven. The cult has a huge stockpile of guns. The cult is insular and negative. There are emotional decisions and people are obvious and there is nagging frustration. The cop is shot. Darius makes lives harder. There is emotion and no life management. Other people’s emotions aren’t noticed or acknowledged.

There is scepticism and downright disbelief and deep distrust. There is an unsavoury situation and no passing thought of sense. Nothing of value is done. There are no protective behaviours. The honeypot is doxed. There is no real or productive conversations. There are no subtle societal messages. One is not deeply or fully engaged in this. There is no joy and connection is fostered. Grace is dumb. This was crap and mediocre.

There is no contentment and this was pitiful. Grace still hasn’t apologised for her weird, resentful, silent treatment of Harris. Truth is painfully gleaned. Grace perpetually vocalises worries. The cult will garner notoriety. This was inane. A horrible, harmful thing is ordered by Darius. Nate somehow infiltrated the railgun. When did Nate go full nutter? The cult blow up the railgun. This bores the arse off you.

Absolutely monstrous acts are done. This show is suddenly boring. Harris wants to hook up with Grace. This was tired and sad. This is a pivotal moment for society. Darius is un-perturbed. This was not suitably thrilling. There is no intellectual discourse just Darius posturing.

Best Lines:
“Troubling indicators.”

“Jonestown on a global scale.”

“Expect distrust.”

“Do anything we can’t take back.”

“You never listened!”

Hail Mary
It’s Tanz v Samson. Humanity is kaput. Darius plans to quit as POTS. Harris wants to survive with Grace, Zoë and his unborn grandchild. Jillian’s trapped with the cult. Overthinking is the enemy of good decisions. What is a gravity tractor? Darius plans to turn the Ark into a kinetic impactor. Harris fails to buy a bunker. There’s a currency crisis. Harris has a place in a government survival bunker.

What is an EM drive? Zoë thinks about getting rid of the baby. Noble wants the Ark which only Darius has the launch code for. Grace has forgotten her father. Bunkers sell out. The US, China and Russia plan to launch nukes at the Samson. The government make plans to preserve life. I don’t engage with this. Things are high risk and devious. Darius is poor now? Why is he still wearing a flag pin? The railgun slugs miss.

Harris asks Grace to marry him to get her and Zoë places in a govt survival bunker. Grace still wants Darius. Harris has a ring for the slut. I’ve a visceral hatred of Grace and Darius. How did Noble get pardoned if Darius quit as POTUS? Darius tries to shag Grace, he’s got complete impunity. He plans to pilot the Ark into Samson. Grace shags Darius who makes a deal with Noble. Liam’s an idiot. Darius is in peril. Where did Jillian get a phone in the cult? Cult guy is in with Noble.

Best Lines:
“You believe him?”
“I want to.”

“An act of genocide against the human race.”

“Why didn’t we do this before?”

“Impact winter.”

“Some doomsday cult decided to blow up the railgun.”

“Required velocity.”

“Humanity’s life insurance policy.”

“Doomsday protocol.”

“Great news. Isn’t it?”

“Live under the ground like a bunch of mole people!”

“A rich cockroach.”

“I am Noah and I believe you have my Ark.”

Get Ready
The big twist at the end of this ep is that the meteor shows up and stops. What is it? Is it alive or a ship? Or both? But before that Noble and cult guy steal the Ark and plan to build a new world. Darius hallucinates. This was not poignant or absorbing. You’d think Tanz would have security after Re/Syst. Who are the selects that Jillian was on about? Where are the rest of the Q17? The cop has recovered from being shot. Zoë doesn’t care for her stepfather.

Where is Darius' ex? Noble and co seize the Ark unopposed. Harris and Grace married. It takes 44 days for her to cheat on him. She’s a slut. Liam and the honeypot hang out. Oddly Noble didn’t have them killed. What did people think when the Ark launched? Why is Grace not called Mrs Edwards? Darius hallucinates a bird. Darius says not to fire nukes and yells at Harris.

Every nuclear power has joined in a pact to stop the meteor. Darius claims the meteor changed course. Only he noticed naturally. Liam chooses Jillian. So seasons 1 and 2 were all for nothing. Grace ditches her husband for Darius. I want Harris to kill them both. Liam hangs out with the honeypot and then he doesn’t. Darius wants the nukes hacked and loots. A poor hamster was left in a pet store. Why don’t Grace or Darius save it?

Who’s flying the stolen Ark? There is no serious drama. Darius kisses the slut Grace. He’s really nasty. Liam comes to a damning conclusion. Harris will push the button to launch the nukes for some reason. Darius has nervous shock and is insistent on his rightness. Grace drives around in her ho-mobile. This was inconsistent. Does Harris have any personal meaning for Grace? She has an unshakeable commitment to being a whore. Where’s Liam’s mom? Darius does indignant rants. Grace is a vigorous supporter of him.

Poor Harris. The meteor or whatever it is should bring cultural transformation. Harris has a sincere wish to be with Grace who has no warmth or affection for him. He’s furious. Grace is suffused with self-satisfaction. The planet faces life-altering and permanent consequences. The government decided not to release prisoners like Jillian. Things are critically sensitive. Harris lets Jillian out of jail. Dylan shows up - he is Nero. Harris loves his not dead terrorist son who runs Re/Syst.

TPTB have fervid interest in Harris being luckless. Things are extremely precarious. Characters are hapless. Dylan and Zoë take Harris’ place in the bunker. WTF? What about the Ark? What is the meteor? Will there be a season 3?

Best Lines:
“It’s here.”

“It’s not an asteroid.”

“We will endure.”

“Sonic torture.”

“That’s crazy talk.”

“Historic ineptitude.”

“Save some semblance of humanity.”

“Load those bunkers up tonight.”

“What the hell has any of it amounted to?”

“You were President. Then you weren’t. That was weird.”

Parasite Lost
Lena and James dismiss Ben as a sad angry troll like the smug elites they are. Kara attacks someone. Lena and James helped make Ben what he is and laugh off how they ruined his life. Alex is smug. Kara writes a sappy article about a sappy alien healer and is shocked that the comment section is full of anti-alien sentiment. The sappy healer is dying. Kara and J’onn break into someone’s house and learns the saintly healer is a fraud. Brainy annoys.

Kara is a bad reporter. Ben points out that it is important that peoples justified fears of aliens be acknowledged. James and Lena don’t listen. There is no emotional openness. Ben is assertive. A woman is made out to be a baddie. Ben calls James out on his hypocrisy. This was BAD.

Best Line:
“Fringe people.”

This has bad ADR as an increasingly cruel IA nutter creates an uncertain and toxic atmosphere on B5. Lennier bothers Garibaldi over a product placed motorbike. The IA guy and a Psi Corps agent (Jeffrey Combes) lurk. The IA guy Ari Ben Zayn (Gregory Martin) was mocked by the director for apparently living in his car and playing every scene like he was doing the Scottish play.

Mars independence movements are mentioned. There is exposition and Ari Ben Zayn has unsettling oddness. This was full of storytelling portents. Mr Gray (Combs) wasn’t seen again despite being an interesting character. There are admonitions. This was not brilliantly powerful. Zayn has ferocity and inflicts greater indignities and does wrong to a good man’s reputation. There is no emotional openness. There are damning revelations. This ep is okay in places but can be uninteresting and repetitive.

What is the interweb? Zayn is withering and has an outpouring of anger. Ivanova is vehemently opposed to Gray. Her behaviour is embarrassingly shameful as she shows off her garrulousness and obfuscation. Lennier goes on about clean energy. Gray tells the stranger Ivanova his life story. She’s not cool and rational. There is malfeasance and Zayn is thuggish and unreasonable and openly hostile and a bit of a twit and fractious. This ep is not an important cultural statement.

The Psi Corp book revealed how when telepaths showed up on Earth, they were massacred and subjected to attempted genocide. Ivanova has to know this and yet carries on her anti-telepath agenda. Zayn seethes with resentment, disrespect and outright distain. Zayn appears to be meant to be Israeli and Garibaldi compares him to and calls him Hitler. Classy move TPTB. Classy move.

Sinclair is poised and assertive. Earth is a low rent power. Where is Talia? Sinclair wants Mr Gray to leave the room before he’ll speak to Zayn. Ivanova is not a beacon of positivity. There is bad acting and a wilful neglect of sense. The B5 communications system is called Babcom. Ivanova starts a bar brawl and doesn’t get arrested. Zayn does vituperative bellowing. Ivanova is energised by violence. This does not engage viewers. Gray wears an ill fitting suit. This does not resonate. What are oxy pills?

Zayn won’t use Sinclair’s rank as he is manifestly unpleasant. What is New Jerusalem? Zayn has fondness for creating problems in order to be seen to solve them. There are colluding elites, truly dreadful acting and suggestions that Zayn is involved with Bester and Knights One And Two. There are recklessly stupid, spurious claims and Zayn is an enormous abomination. Sinclair mashes Zayn’s berserk button. No wonder Sinclair was too off puttingly cerebral for US audiences. I hated the idiot Sheridan who replaced him.
This ep does not cause deep meaningful thoughts. How does Gray do his pain trick? There is a really obvious fake slap when Zayn knocks Gray out of his chair. This conspicuously fails.

Best Lines:
“Sexual prowess and rebellion.”

“You know me?”

“You and these misfits you call soldiers.”

“Psychiatric scans.”

“Colonel Ben Hitler.”

“He was in the top 10. But you were somewhere below that.”

“Respects honour.”

“I faced death on the Line. Where were you Colonel? Picking trash out of garbage cans to prove who was loyal and who wasn’t?”

The Mutation
David Vincent is robbed by Mexicans and left in the desert. He walks that off and he’s apparently infamous now as a crackpot. David Vincent sleazes over a stripper. Aliens plot. Aliens communicate through what look like smoke alarms. David Vincent gets violent and shirtless and has cold cream smeared on burns. A female alien feels not hate. People have to placate David Vincent. Things are not fraught with hazard. This show has systemic problems. This was woeful. Why are the aliens so strangely hostile toward David Vincent? Why is the female alien so useless? This is not compelling viewing. We see what happens when aliens die. No solid intentions here.

Best Lines:
“A buddy like that I do not need.”

“Horrible strange men.”

“Terrible men.”

Fun And S(Laughter)
Tim Roth (who will never recover from ‘Four Rooms’) stars in this crime drama. An annoying kid and wife annoy. There is blood and this was overwrought.
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