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Movie Reviews: Survivor + Riddles Of The Sphinx + Suspira (1977)

Survivor (2015)
Milla Jovovich, Dylan McDermott, Robert Forster, Roger Rees, Pierce Brosnan and Angela Bassett star in this tale of spies and diabolical motives and a bomb and a hitman. This was non-descript, near defunct and not bold or brutal. This was catastrophically bad. A woman is seen as a deadly menace and faces a hostile reception and no emotional support. This is pitifully mad. A deadly reckoning is coming. There are terrible revelations and a spreading and very public disaster. This was rampantly lacking in profundity.

Best Lines:
“Embassy survival protocol.”

Riddles Of The Sphinx (2008)
Dina Meyer and Lochlyn Munro star in this low budget TV movie that plays like a failed pilot. A nerdy teacher, his brat daughter, a ‘sexy’ woman and a secret society battle a sphinx and a curse. This defied logical probability and was full of vulgar grandstanding.

Suspira (1977)
This was mad and dire but the Goblin soundtrack is great.
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