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Salvation 2x03-2x07+She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power 1x03+Hawaii Five-0 2x13&2x14+ 4 others

Crimes And Punishment
Grace whines. The evil POTUS demands his job back and he calls out Harris. Grace is dick drunk on Darius. Liam blathers about a solar sail. There is no evidence against the evil POTUS. The POTUS has a dreadful reputation. The evil POTUS is a social evil. Darius wants a DARPA battery. Something is hidden in a snow globe.

Darius has a deserved reputation. Croft claims someone is a honeypot. There is a chip in a body. There is narrative unreality. The cop supports the evil POTUS. There is no melancholy lyricism or solemnity. There are adverse consequences. People deliver lines with deadly seriousness. There is no go for broke desperation or sincere poignant conviction. Darius is ethically dubious and lacks common decency. This is drastically lacking. Nobody is well-motivated.

The cop annoys Grace - why is he apportioning responsibility when a meteor menaces the world? The cop blames Harris. Will the cop leave? This show is going the way of the ‘Lost’, people staring into the middle distance whilst having a series of increasingly irrelevant flashbacks. Darius built a drone. Re/Syst don’t see said drone. There are few incentives to care. Nobody is fraught with fear over the drone. This show is notoriously plagued with stupidity and complacency.

Liam’s absolute respect for Darius bores. There is no grave foreboding or perpetual vigilance. The cop’s dumb. Will he go away? I don’t care about his hugely emotional tantrums. Grace’s not contrite. The honeypot scientist after Liam is a depraved bisexual. People are valorising Darius. Why haven’t they launched the Ark? Harris is shirtless. Nice. Liam fails to display any skills or knowledge.

This was unremarkable and forgettable. Claire is sad and unsatisfied. Now she wants Harris back? Who is hoping for Darius’ failure? Darius tries to shag a drunken Grace. A family are in peril. The Supreme Court has to decide who POTUS is. Claire’s body shows up. Oops. A blackmailed woman nearly takes out the Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court. The evil POTUS stirs the pot.

Best Lines:
“Showed up at the Supreme Court in an Uber X.”

“Be arrested on live TV.”

“Scintillating fact.”

“Forced international co-operation.”

“Space laser.”

“Loyal to a man who isn’t loyal to anyone but himself.”

“Good little protégée.”

“I was poisoned by my own vice president.”

Harris is Secretary Of Defence but never sees to do any work. Does Re/Syst have access to the Ark? Liam accuses the honeypot scientist of being Re/Syst. The POTUS is lied to. The POTUS can’t handle the evil POTUS’ challenging opinions. Darius cannot handle constructive criticism. People don’t know how to stop the disturbances. Justice is arrant. There is social rebellion. Nobody is emotionally present. Common assumptions are wrong.

Who is paying for the railgun? The pilot is now working on the railgun? Everything the evil POTUS does is designed to destroy the POTUS’ good name and professional reputation. Nobody is debriefing Liam about getting out of Re/Syst’s clutches? Will the cop leave? Liam’s idea is ignored and he says they should crowd source building the railgun. Why didn’t hospital security stop the cop stalking Grace?

Liam is finally sick of Darius’ crap. A General leaked to the evil POTUS. The evil POTUS advises a hospital blockade. Does the Chief Justice die? Darius harasses Harris. Will the irritating cop piss off?!? Darius says they need to kill the internet. Darius hates Liam now. The POTUS is declared the rightful POTUS. Grace trusts the cop. Jillian and Liam break up. The internet is turned off. Liam goes back to Re/Syst and calls Darius a fascist. There is no moral equilibrium or innovative approach.

Best Lines:
“He’s drafting a civilian army.”

“Trying to eliminate our Chief Justice. Again.”

“A man with a wrench and bad intentions.”

“Vice President prick.”

“Take him out of the coma by order of the President.”

“This cannot be for nothing.”

“The net is down.”

“My second ex-wife.”

“Most evil person I’ve ever met.”

“You won’t be welcome here anymore.”

“God amongst men.”

“Take her down.”

“They can’t hold the hospital.”

White House Down
An RPG took out a helicopter. Liam babbles about a material science expert. Harris wants martial law. Liam wants to see the cumulative effects of his work. The evil POTUS sends in the tanks. Grace and the cop try to get the message to the rightful POTUS. Darius says to turn the internet back on. Re/Syst has lost control of the ICBM. It’s a cultural moment as troops roam Washington DC.

Bennett is still bitterly contesting the POTUS job. It’s a conundrum. The US is on an irreversible slide to hell. What do other countries think? Bennett is authoritarian. Why is the cop helping Grace? Harris has to take Darius to the emergency bunker. There is no imaginative element, but this is okay. Social infrastructure has broken down. Jillian violates Eyes Only. The railgun is unprotected.

Darius is morally compelled to annoy. I hold Darius responsible for everyone’s plight. Harris is not properly recognised. Re/Syst’s doctrinaire plan looks ready to blow up. The dark web is still working. Darius won’t listen to sense. Harris runs around with a gun. Jillian is recruited to a cult. Harris leaves his flag pin on as he wanders the streets. Could he look any more US government?

Darius hits on Grace. The evil POTUS is delightfully slimy and wonderfully lurid. He and the POTUS face off in the Oval Office. He says he’ll send everyone to Gitmo. The evil POTUS’ troops turn on him when the Chief Justice’s decision becomes public knowledge. Why was there a drone outside the White House? This was okay. This was a high risk challenging environment and there is consternation.

Best Lines:
“The threat may already be inside.”

“The White House is compromised.”

“Something’s very wrong out there.”

“How could Re/Syst be this stupid?”

“The Oval Office. It’s just a room!”

“Emphasis on dead.”

“Why is your problem my problem?”

“He hung up.”

“Tempting but illegal.”

“The most useless job in American history.”

“Remember when all we had to worry about was an asteroid?”

“Is the internet back on?”

Let The Chips Fall
Where do they plan to get the one ton slugs of depleted uranium they plan to fire at the meteor? They’ll have to evacuate nearby towns when they fire the railgun. Why are there no side effects from a nuke being dropped on Kansas? The cop lurks. Tunnels need to be reinforced with plastic. Harris finally shows anger over Dylan. Bennett has a family? Saving the world is not an achievable goal. Darius never fails to squander potential. There is a lack of meaningful action and Darius has systematic criticism of Liam and carelessly offends and is testy.

Who has genocidal intent? Where is rational global order? There is hilarious despair and contempt for the future and nefarious means. Bennett is murdered. Who is callously imperilling the world? What caused the disturbing incident? Bennett had bitter grandeur. This is reassuringly repetitive. Darius is contentious, fuels hostility and does solitary decision making. This was cynical and depressing and nobody has ethical obligations.

Harris has a chance to be VP. Darius doesn’t hold Harris in high esteem, assaults him and learns about Claire. Will Darius stop being smug and having unhealthy intensity? There are devastating consequences to the POTUS’ stubbornness. Darius loves how forcefully his provocations hit home. Darius is devoid of personal relationships, save Grace. The railgun fires bullets with an electromagnetic force that far exceeds conventional firepower. Do they exist yet?

Jillian joins a cult. Grace’s dad takes the blame for Claire. VR glasses are worn. Who is Nero? Liam runs his mouth. There is no joyful simplicity. Darius loves his idiosyncratic individuality. Croft joins in when Liam does an I Am Spartacus stunt. There is a unity rally. Darius sabotages Harris’ VP chances. Lord I hate Darius. The POTUS is assassinated.

Best Lines:
“Behold the saviour of the human race.”

“This is the railgun. Hell, looks like a fancy sewer pipe.”

“We need your attention.”

“Live untruthful lives.”

“Alone as I get these days.”

“Something big and bad.”

“My sister went to the dark side.”

“People were getting paid to do terrible things.”

“A dangerously reckless proposition.”

“Good luck with that asteroid.”

“Everything dies. Including love.”

The Madness Of King Tanz
There is no meditative atmosphere. Liam is arrested by order of POTUS Darius. Harris realises his galpal is dodgy and they brawl and kick each other and smash though a glass door and pull a gun. Darius is maddeningly intransigent. How do you aim a railgun? Darius plans to shoot down the ICBM. The dead POTUS has another funeral. How was Darius ever approved as VP? Grace is to be Chief Of Staff. Darius still wants to screw her.

Harris is still lesser regarded and Darius loves to annoy him. The POTUS was killed by an automated firing platform. Darius blames Re/Syst. He’s a dodgy little man. Darius annoys yet people are supremely indulgent of him. Grace shags the cop. The railgun looks dumb. Darius is a superficialist. This was banality. Darius hates Liam now. Where are the Russians?

There are sordid intrigues and Darius deserves disgrace and a jail cell. There are unstable allegiances. Who murdered Bennett? Darius’ bullying tone causes Jillian to hate him. There is mounting concern about Darius. This was not boldly virtuosic. Darius and Harris have a yelling match. The cop bothers Grace. An exploitative global conspiracy is out there. Darius gleefully demonises Re/Syst. Grace confesses to the cop. The unconscionable Darius vanishes and a new character prances around in make up (it’s obviously Darius).

Best Lines:
“Orbital dynamics.”


“We are coming for you.”

“There is no us.”

“No positive outcome for you now.”

“Why would Re/Syst want Darius Tanz to be President?”

“Personal grievances.”

“Evil cabal of dark money doing dark things.”

Pink and silver Glimmer was glamorous in the original cartoon and doll, now she’s a fat midget. There are backdoor jokes. The opening credits and terrible terrible theme song debut. Why don’t they use the original? The new theme song is crap. Glimmer has a Kowl shaped toy. Kowl! Ahhhh. Why is Bow showing off his midriff like a male stripper or a Korean boy band member? She-Ra turns her pony into Swift Wind. Ahhh, he’s cute. Things go awry for Adora. Bow does the pee-pee dance. The Horde seems to be populated by child soldiers. Catra keeps Adora’s secret.

Adora meets Madam Razz and Broom. There is a shout-out to the most irritating character in the original show. People mumble about the stars being gone. Shadowweaver lurks. Razz says the Princesses stay in their castles protecting their own lands and not the planet. Swift Wind is in peril. Beast Man lurks. She-Ra destroys the Horde’s very phallic weaponry. She-Ra is the King Arthur like myth of the planet. Adora joins the Great Rebellion. Hordak and Imp lurk. Catra is made Force Captain. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Ease her into the Horde stuff later.”

“Your war machines destroyed.”

“Warned you about the pitchforks and torches.”

“Have you seen a flying horse?”

“Grand failure.”

“Stand with us against those you once served.”

“Sword. Magic words.”

“Wicked people.”

“Think She-Ra thoughts.”

“Remarkably poor judgement.”

Ka Ho’oponopono The Fix
Joe is a smug arrogant liar even when Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) thinks he killed his father. Steve protects the liar Joe and breaks the law. Adam broods in black. Joe lies constantly and is really annoying. Joe deflects understanding and has scant response to sense. Why is Joe let away with his crap? Adam wants to be a worthy heir to his father. Why isn’t Joe charged with kidnapping and murder? This was bad.

Best Line:
“Why does he keep going to Japan?”

Pu’olo The Package
Steve’s dad dumped his kids on relatives. Joe’s stupid. Why doesn’t anyone tell Adam the truth? It takes until he gets murderous on a dark night for the truth to be told. Ian Anthony Dale broods. This plot makes no sense.

Best Line:
“Notoriously paranoid.”

Star Trek 2x13

Kirk is strident about a smell and an evil cloud attacks. Non-personalities are in peril in this soporific implausible dullness. Kirk is morally guilty of dumbness. He also has emotional outbursts. This ep goes nowhere very interesting and it is hugely dull. Spock looks for a behavioural management tool.

Kirk has emotional challenges. This exists to no constructive purpose and is beyond appalling. Kirk is coldly unforgiving. People face terrible fates. How did this show become talismanic genre iconography? Kirk is emotionally fraught and criminally incapable in this hopelessly clumsy ep. Record tapes are discussed. Kirk takes on the evil vampire cloud. Spock and McCoy raises concerns. Kirk is incapable of normal interaction. The vampire cloud makes an impudent encroachment on the ship. Kirk wants to kill the intelligent cloud.

Best Line:
“Persistent single-minded fixation.”

The Invaders (1967-1968) 1x01&1x02

In this 1960s classic, David Vincent sees a UFO land. He reports what he saw and is met with derision, laughter, ridicule and sarcasm and it has a lifelong negative impact on him. He faces isolation and abandonment and a growing sense of distrust. He ends up with a ruined reputation and stuck in a loony bin. Aliens take human form but can’t be convincingly ordinary. They tried to remake this in the 90s with a terrible Scott Bakula miniseries.

David Vincent faces an arson attack and this ep has under-explored points of interest. David Vincent goes looking for people who give off a sense of alien cult membership. He keeps missing the obvious clues that people are aliens. He’s a figure of derision now. This ep is always on the point of becoming interesting. This is not endless macabre fun but it is okay. Sinister aliens lurk. Girls dance randomly in a store as an old perv obviously pervs over them. People regret decisions and night-time is very bright. Why don’t the aliens just kill David Vincent?

Best Lines:
“You go away.”

“I want to believe you.”

“That psycho.”

“Things seem to happen when he’s around.”

“No there wouldn’t be. Not now.”

“Forgotten town.”

The Experiment
The aliens blow up a plane to kill an astrophysicist. Roddy McDowell guest stars as the man’s son who has been brainwashed by the aliens. Aliens fill people with dread. The aliens create and preserve myths of their non-existence. David Vincent is the vanguard against them and has critical opinions. He looks for allies that align completely with his interests and opinions.

There are no subtler merits here. This was mediocre and David Vincent’s obsession is unfathomable. People think he is blighted by delusions. There is no ceaseless activity or proactive stances. There are complications in this ineffective and un-innovative ep. There is no scholarly research. This was not mesmerising just bewildering. This was not potent just absurd and fanciful. David Vincent faces inherent risk. The situation is worsening.

David Vincent ends up in a loony bin, again. The aliens have untrammelled power. People suffer dire consequences. There is no life satisfaction or emotional regulation. Things are tiring and damaging. David Vincent is played by Roy Thinnes who appeared on ‘The X Files’ as a result of this show.

Best Lines:
“A shortcut that he never found.”

“Their purpose: to make it their world.”

“Wipe us out like bugs.”

“They’re going to take over the Earth!”

“What happened to him was necessary.”

Berlin Station 1x04

By Way Of Deception
Tension reignites. People are upset and enraged. Fear grips others. American cultural hegemony and Western decline dominate this ep. People are naysayers. Daniel is not an all-powerful paragon of virtue. There are unrealistic expectations. Plots and character are insufficient. This was not moving or insightful just notiony and socially dysfunctional. Hector spies. This was unwieldy or energetic. There is a lack of participation. Things are intrinsically intertwined. This is not full on or uncompromising. This has a ludicrous premise and it is all terrible vapid inanity.

Daniel the sentient smirk is astoundingly sordid. Daniel is almost parodically straight and incorruptible with innate tenacity, sheer goodness and he’s worryingly hard to relate to. People have personal ordeals and are tarred by allegations and are not uncommonly frank. People endure the unimaginable. Daniel is unswervingly moral. Hector is unconscionable. People deny and distort. Daniel is credible and creditable and Hector is isolated.

This is the maddest and most mancial and earnest and ebullient yet soulless ep. This was minus joy. People have the ability to keep it fake. This was humourless and it was full of inane opinions and prepared sob stories. There is no emotional heft and this was not complex or rich. There are no poignant dreams. There are splintering narratives and sad compromise and bittersweet sadness. This was not so subtle. There is no poignancy. The boss’ wife has ambitions and she’s not long suffering, disappointed or ready to fade into obscurity.

Rampant masculinity is not complex or fascinating. Hector is richly feckless. There are no moral questions. This was dismal. People are inwardly furious. Hector is unruly. There is improvidence and much damage is done to others through wilfulness. This is not a moral world. There are gloomier musings. People dramatise grievances and traumatic, repressed histories. Hector is an insistent presence. This was not ambitious or exciting.

This was un-intellectual and it doesn’t brilliantly upend everything. This was not psychologically subtle. There is no deft psychological insight. Daniel got a woman and a sniper killed and caused a suicide bombing in the past. There is male lust and no inventiveness. This was not affecting. Daniel punches Hector and there are unsubtle pleasures and this was not evocative.

This does not upend a conventional narrative. This was not hugely impressive or skilfully crafted. There is limitless violence and moral revulsion.

Best Lines:
“Assistant cultural attaché.”

“Starts early and ends late.”

“People don’t escape those things. Someone let him out.”

“ISIL brides.”

“Flaunting his money around.”

“I can’t always save you Daniel.”

“I don’t think you ever once thanked me.”

Touched By An Angel 3x01

Promised Land
This 1996 ep set up the spin-off show. An unemployed man and his family drive around the US in an RV. If they’re poor, how do they afford petrol? How do they all fit in the RV? The father is self-serious and has cold eyed clarity. There is 90s hair and the kids don’t go to school. There are domestic delinquencies. The father is an incubator of conformity and conservatism. A mother deals with estrangement and does a traumatic monologue. This is not beautiful daftness just a mild irritation. There is a moral reckoning and the mother dies. This has social conservatism, death, angels. All of which is shrugged off as daily normality.

Best Lines:
“I’m his mother!”
“That’s up for discussion.”

“We’re just back from a walk!”
“Take another one!”

“You’re trying to teach me something aren’t you?”

“Years of chances.”

“Drug addict and worse.”
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